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Items you should not place on the windowsill


When decorating your home, it might be tempting to treat your window as an extension of space by storing items on your windowsill.

However, Adam Pawson, property expert from leading window specialist­s, Safestyle, reveals the seven items that should never be stored on your windowsill (or near your window) to avoid long-lasting damage.

1. Aerosols and flammables – Adam says: “It is always advisable to keep your windowsill free of aerosols such as deodorants and sprays, but this is particular­ly important in hot spells of weather. 2. Items with a reflective surface – Another key item to ensure your windowsill is free of in hot weather is lightrefle­cting objects as these can be quite dangerous when exposed to intense, direct sun-light.

3. Fragile items – However, there are certain items that should never be kept on a windowsill, whether it is warm weather or not. 4. General clutter that makes it hard to clean – Keep window sills free from birthday cards, vases, bottles etc. 5. Cleaning supplies –

Changes in the weather and temperatur­e can cause cans to combust or make the chemicals less potent. 6. Candles – Adam says: “To prevent damage and mess on your windowsill and to your uPVC window fitting as a whole, make sure to remove candles as the wax could easily melt and can be difficult to remove.”

7. Shower gels and body products – Adam said: “If you’re short on space in the bathroom, it could be tempting to use the windowsill to store shower gels and bathroom products. While this may seem like a good idea, leaving these items next to windows with direct sunlight can cause products to turn slimy.”

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