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The world-fa­mous Aus­tralian surf spot could be up there as one of the busiest places to surf on the Gold Coast. Pop­u­lar with lo­cals, tourists and the world surf­ing elite – with Mick Fan­ning and Stephanie Gil­more reg­u­larly fre­quent­ing the line-up and dom­i­nat­ing the peak.

1. Snap­per Rocks

Hid­den from view but we couldn’t miss out the main take-off point. The waves be­gin at Snap­per, a gnarly out­crop of old lava rock set side­ways to the line of coast; of­ten they start with a dra­matic back­washy take­off lit­er­ally be­hind the rock. This is where Steph, Tyler and the like take off. It’s not for most of us mor­tal types.

2. Lit­tle Mar­ley Take Off Point

Af­ter Snap­per the waves then run down past an­other smaller out­crop known as Lit­tle Mar­ley, a cou­ple hun­dred yards down the line. This is a much more pop­u­lar take-off point.

3. Snap­per Rocks Surf Club

Just off the beach and out of view but a great place to grab an af­ter surf beer and a bite to eat. Over­look­ing the waves, you’ll get a true Aus­tralian surf club ex­pe­ri­ence.

4. Rain­bow Bay

From Snap­per Rocks to Lit­tle Mar­ley Point and next onto Rain­bow Bay. The deeper wa­ters of the bay are pop­u­lar with long­board­ers and mini-mal surfers. Due to its very long open-wa­ter sec­tion, with pretty amaz­ing views all the way down to Kirra.

5. Green­mount Point

Just be­hind the rocks, the walk­ing trail will take you from Snap­per Rocks all the way around Coolan­gatta Beach.

6. Green­mount

Lead­ing the wave off for at least an­other 300 yards down to­ward Coolan­gatta Beach, where it fi­nally be­fore hit­ting the Kirra Big Groyne.

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