I have an amaz­ing sup­port net­work of friends around me who I go to for ad­vice and so­lace.

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fun on a SUP or body­surf­ing, and of­ten ride a sin­gle fin or long­board.

At the mo­ment I’m strug­gling with the con­cept of ter­ri­to­rial lo­cal­ism, it’s a con­ver­sa­tion I would love to open up be­cause it’s a bit of a taboo to speak up against lo­cals. I saw it so much when I was younger at my home breaks, and it com­pletely turns me off the sport. I un­der­stand re­spect, but is it right that if you are born some­where, you de­serve more re­spect than some­one who may be less priv­i­leged and was not born there? This quote from Amy Rose Hew­ton sums it up rea­son­ably well: “The waves, just like women, are not your prop­erty. We’re wild and free, choose to be who we want to be and flow where we want to go. Lo­cal­ism is the same in­sti­tu­tion­alised non­sense as cover­ture; you can’t own the land or sea or me. Aus­tralian Abo­rig­i­nal lore is that we are cus­to­di­ans that care and pro­tect, not own. I want to see this all over the world and see ev­ery­one re­spect and give love.”

What or who in­spires you?

I have an amaz­ing sup­port net­work of friends around me who I go to for ad­vice and so­lace. Out­side of my cir­cle, Leah Daw­son’s surf­ing is ev­ery­thing. Jacinda Ard­h­ern in­spires me with her lib­eral pol­i­tics and open­ness to change, Emma Wat­son for com­plete in­tegrity in ev­ery­thing she does. The Guilty Fem­i­nist Pod­cast is well worth a lis­ten, as is the High Low and BBC Ra­dio 4 Women Hour.

Talk to us about Rise Fierce

It be­gan just over a year ago, with the talk of cold show­ers and the health ben­e­fits of cold-wa­ter im­mer­sion, which some­how trans­formed into a sur­pris­ing turnout of shiv­er­ing bikini-clad women at 7.30am the next morn­ing on our lo­cal slip­way. To­gether we ex­pe­ri­enced the un­ex­pected com­bi­na­tion of adrenalin and calm; a chill that squeezes the air out of your chest and a si­mul­ta­ne­ous

Dig­ging in at the Moy Hill Com­mu­nity Gar­den.

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