Surf Girl - - My Surfgirl Life -

Name: Zala Ču­den

Age: 27

Lo­ca­tion: Right now Fuerteven­tura (Ca­nary Is­lands), later Mentawais

Oc­cu­pa­tion: Graphic de­signer

Years Surf­ing: 8

So­cial me­dia: @za­lacu­den

How does surf­ing make you feel?

It’s hard to de­scribe this feel­ing of hap­pi­ness. I would say I feel high.

What do you love the most about be­ing a surfer?

I love the ex­cite­ment of go­ing on big­ger waves, be­ing out of my com­fort zone. And of course the whole surf life­style.

Zala, wet­suit or bikini surfs – which do you pre­fer? Def­i­nitely biki­nis. Surf­ing in warm wa­ter is the best.

What’s the most em­bar­rass­ing thing that has hap­pened to you in the surf?

Prob­a­bly los­ing my bikini bot­tom in a wipe­out.

If you could be any pro surfer on tour who would you be?

Carissa Moore.

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