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No sport of­fers the same sense of free­dom, or con­nec­tion to the el­e­ments, as surf­ing. But if you’ve ever taken a board into the ocean, you’ll un­der­stand that surf­ing is a sport that takes a con­sid­er­able amount of phys­i­cal strength.

Ev­ery move­ment in surf­ing is unique: pad­dling, duck div­ing, pop­ping-up and carv­ing, all re­quire a blend of strength, bal­ance, co­or­di­na­tion and mo­bil­ity. Pi­lates lends it­self per­fectly to th­ese four el­e­ments, as it ac­ti­vates and strength­ens our pos­tural and sta­bil­is­ing mus­cles, sup­port­ing our bod­ies as we move.

Thread the nee­dleAs­sists the chest lift as we pad­dle, and spinal-ro­ta­tion as we ride. Fo­cus: Ro­tate from the upper-back, lift the arm sky­wards and feel the stretch across the chest.

Leg pull-in supineStrength­ens the upper body and in­creases core sta­bil­ity – pad­dle and pop-fo­cused. Fo­cus: Keep the chest lifted. Find a com­fort­able po­si­tion for the wrists. Lift from the hips and bum.

Hip-flexor stretchAl­lows greater mo­bil­ity through the hips, im­prov­ing our pop-up. Fo­cus: Keep the tail­bone tucked and do not over­arch the lower back..

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