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At this time in my life mindfulness is a huge daily fo­cus. This may sound self­ish but mindfulness has to start with me at the mo­ment. I am en­ter­ing a new stage in my life: I am preg­nant and have had to truly check-in with my­self so that I can be the best I can be for my­self and oth­ers. Be­ing self-em­ployed and run­ning my own busi­ness, switch­ing be­tween teach­ing daily yoga classes, life­style & bal­ance events and work­shops, plan­ning and run­ning re­treats, record­ing and run­ning my pod­cast ‘Mum Talk’, I am pulled in so many dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions with my mind jump­ing all over the place.

Mindfulness is im­por­tant for me, and for my men­tal health, so I can give ef­fec­tively to oth­ers and con­tin­u­ally check back in with my­self. I sleep with my phone in the other room so I am not tempted to do the so­cial me­dia scroll whilst still in bed. In fact, I have a per­sonal rule of no phone be­fore 9am at the very ear­li­est, al­though there are of­ten ex­cep­tions.

I don’t have a mindfulness rou­tine at this point in my life, but each day holds what I need it to. In the morn­ings I tend to wake up around 7.30am, take a mo­ment in bed to gather my thoughts, won­der about my dreams, feel what I am grate­ful for, have a lit­tle stretch to check in phys­i­cally and then I am up and out.

I am most con­nected to my ‘self’ when I am prac­tic­ing yoga, whether that be an asana-based prac­tice on my mat where I can be truly mind­ful of my body, or tak­ing a walk along the sea cliffs, or tak­ing a swim or surf and con­nect­ing with na­ture. It’s about just giv­ing my­self time to take a look in­side, to ask, how am I feel­ing, and re­mem­ber­ing to breathe ef­fec­tively.

Over the last 4 or 5 years I have be­come so much more mind­ful of how our ex­is­tence on this planet af­fects this beau­ti­ful place we call home. Go­ing about my daily life I am now so much more mind­ful of what I buy, what I throw away and how. I truly be­lieve if we can all be more mind­ful to­wards our­selves, oth­ers, our planet, how we live and what we con­sume, we can make a huge dif­fer­ence to so much around us, lead­ing to a softer, kin­der ex­is­tence for all.

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