Surf Girl

Summer Days Yay!

Prepare to get beach ready for summer, as we take a look at what’s on o er for the new season.


Surf Revival

We’re loving Rip Curl’s Surf Revival Collection, which celebrates everything that surfing stood for in the 70s, and still does today. It’s a 70’s inspired palette with a bold colour-blocked rib, warm golden hues and textural knits. A throwback to their heritage. Rip Curl says: “Born in 1969, Rip Curl has led the surf fashion journey since its inception. Today we high-five that colourful history, and the fine madness that is Rip Curl.”

Beach Days

Our new SurfGirl spring collection is all about vintageins­pired surf tees with a laid-back beach vibe. Think classic tees with graphics, teamed up with a super comfy cropped hoody, big denim organic beach bags or muted eco friendly string bags, with colourful beanies – and you’re good to go. Wearabilit­y is the buzz word for SS20 and we like to think that these pieces will become your much loved staples for the years ahead. surfgirlbe­achboutiqu­

Eco Swimwear

High-performanc­e swimsuits developed with Patagonia’s surf ambassador­s, featuring secure straps, an athletic fit and Nanogrip linings that move with your body, feel soft to the touch and provide increased grip in the water. With new styles, more sizes, and more support and coverage options in the range, this is swimwear built for the endless challenges and opportunit­ies that the ocean offers. This Tiger Camo print is taken from surfboards of Gerry Lopez, who designed camo for the decks of his boards to avoid glare in the tropical sun.

Early Surf

This season, ROXY celebrates the essence of surfing and the women who first brought it to life. The campaign – shot in the dream-worthy landscapes of

Fiji and the Mentawai Islands – showcases ROXY’s Early

Surf collection, the very heart of surf culture. Early Surf is an unspoken ode to the pioneers, the first women to challenge the ocean profession­ally. Hawaiian ROXY surfers Mainei Kinimaka and Kelia Moniz are at the heart of the collection. Both women come from Hawaiian surfing legacies and always fight to keep the traditions of surfing alive. From tropical printed button-ups, to summer overalls, from cutoffs to azure swim, Early Surf tells a story of search for the perfect wave, one of observatio­n of the ocean and walks across palm groves. It offers warm crew necks for sunrise drives to the beach, comfortabl­e sandals to slip on after a surf, large brimmed hats to lounge and rest in under the sun.

The collection is fresh, summery, infused with the prospect of adventure to come.

Coco Collection

Volcom are stoked to launch their first collection with pro surfer Coco Ho in Europe this spring. Pro surfer Coco is surfing royalty back home in Hawaii, and with this new collection she shares her passions for surfing and fashion with a cool collection of effortless, bold outfits and swimwear. The collection incorporat­es everything

Coco lives in while travelling the world, with the emphasis on comfort and cuteness. “I love being able to roll into the next event or thing I have to do,” explains Coco. “You’ll look ready to go out but you actually just came from the beach.”

Influencer Collab

After last season’s hugely successful collab with influencer Sincerely Jules, Billabong Women’s have struck gold again this year with their new collection. With an easy-going balance of statement dresses and rompers, elegant tops, graphic tees, matching sets, and accessorie­s, the Billabong x Sincerely Jules collaborat­ion is an expressive assortment that has something for everyone. “This collection was designed with female empowermen­t in mind,” said Julie Sarinana. “We were committed to curating statement pieces that encourage women to feel confident and courageous.”

 ??  ?? From Left to right: £59.99, £79.99, £59.99, £39.99, £39.99, Rip Curl at
From Left to right: £59.99, £79.99, £59.99, £39.99, £39.99, Rip Curl at
 ??  ?? £21.99, SurfGirl at surfgirlbe­achboutiqu­ £24.99, SurfGirl at surfgirlbe­achboutiqu­
£21.99, SurfGirl at surfgirlbe­achboutiqu­ £24.99, SurfGirl at surfgirlbe­achboutiqu­
 ??  ?? £29.99, Rip Curl at
£29.99, Rip Curl at
 ??  ?? £8.99, SurfGirl at surfgirlbe­achboutiqu­
£8.99, SurfGirl at surfgirlbe­achboutiqu­
 ??  ?? £130, Patagonia at
£130, Patagonia at
 ??  ?? £50, Roxy at
£50, Roxy at
 ??  ?? £70, Roxy at
£70, Roxy at
 ??  ?? £60, Roxy at
£60, Roxy at
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 ??  ?? £90, Billabong at
£90, Billabong at
 ??  ?? £70, Volcom at
£65, Volcom at
£70, Volcom at £65, Volcom at
 ??  ?? £58, Billabong at
£50, Billabong at
£58, Billabong at £50, Billabong at
 ??  ?? £55, Volcom at
£55, Volcom at

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