Guild­ford Bor­ough Coun­cil plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tions

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17/P/01765 – ad­di­tion of a wooden cabin for re­tail (A1) use. Ed­g­ley Car­a­van Park. Far­ley Green.

17/P/01823 – de­mo­li­tion of for­mer farm build­ings and con­struct sin­gle block of four units (two two-bed units) to­gether with an­cil­lary out­build­ings eight car park­ing spa­ces, se­cure cy­cle stor­age, refuse pro­vi­sion, pri­vate and com­mu­nal refuse space. Hun­ters Hill, Shop­house Lane.

17/P/01828 – ground and first floor side ex­ten­sion to dwelling with mi­nor in­ter­nal al­ter­ations. 73 Fairview Road.

17/P/01864 – de­mo­li­tion of de­tached garage, con­struc­tion of two­s­torey side ex­ten­sion and sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion. 20 Char­lock Way.

17/P /01890 – re­served mat­ters ap­pli­ca­tion pur­suant to ap­pli­ca­tion 16/P/02568 granted at Ap­peal on 01/06/17 to sub­sti­tute draw­ing no 151567-03/A with draw­ing num­ber 15-1567-03/B. Broom­field, Oak­wood Drive.

17/P/ 01652 – vari­a­tion of con­di­tion 4 of plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tion 16/P/00533 ap­proved 14/07/2016 to al­low the premises to be used as shared sup­ported ac­com­mo­da­tion, hos­tel or other shared ac­com­mo­da­tion in­tended to pro­vide a tran­si­tion to in­de­pen­dent liv­ing. Mid­wey House, Wharf Road.

17/P/ 01829 – rear ground floor kitchen, liv­ing – din­ing room ex­ten­sion to ac­com­mo­date ground floor liv­ing and bathing. 19 George Road.

17/P/ 01857 – sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion. 50 George Road.

17/P/01514 – con­struc­tion of a raised rear pa­tio and per­ma­nent screen­ing. 65 Pew­ley Way.

17/P/01821 – vari­a­tion of con­di­tion 2 (ap­proved plans) to al­low for the re­moval of the chim­ney at the rear of the prop­erty and re­moval of con­di­tion 5 (pro­tec­tion of fea­tures) of plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tion 17/P/01171 ap­proved on 18.07/2017. 31 Ad­di­son Road.

17/P/01845 – re­place­ment con­ser­va­tory with ground floor ex­ten­sions to liv­ing room, din­ing room and kitchen. Ex­ten­sions/re­vi­sions to bed­room 2, 3 and 4 with the ad­di­tion of two en­suites to first floor. Re­vi­sions to bed­room 5 and 6 at sec­ond floor. Prim­rose Cot­tage, 3A Pil­grims Way.

17/P/01866 – listed build­ing con­sent for var­i­ous in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal works in­clud­ing the ren­o­va­tion of rear el­e­va­tion, struc­tural ren­o­va­tions and pro­posed re­place­ment porch to front el­e­va­tion. Pew­ley Cot­tage, 6 South Hill.

17/P/01876 – in­stal­la­tion of a new lou­vre on the western el­e­va­tion to al­low ven­ti­la­tion for the VRF air-con­di­tion­ing sys­tem. East­gate Court, High Street.

17/P/01811 – ground floor side ex­ten­sion with step lift and as­so­ci­ated works all to pro­vide ac­ces­si­ble liv­ing. 8 Parkview Vale. 17/P/01861 – Con­sul­ta­tion from Elm­bridge Bor­ough Coun­cil re­gard­ing the vari­a­tion of con­di­tion 7 (num­ber of chil­dren) of plan­ning per­mis­sion 2011/0586 (part change of use from res­i­den­tial (C3) to child care fa­cil­ity (D1) to in­crease the num­ber of chil­dren to a max­i­mum of 30. Glen An­ton, Hors­ley Road, Down­side.

17/P/01840 – con­struc­tion of four de­tached and one pair of semide­tached dwellings (2, 3 and 4 bed­rooms) with as­so­ci­ated park­ing and gar­dens fol­low­ing de­mo­li­tion of the dwelling and out­build­ings. Va­gle­field Farm, 89 Glaziers Lane.

17/P/01647 – con­ver­sion of the garage block into an­cil­lary use (granny an­nex) in­cor­po­rat­ing a dormer win­dow and an in­fill ex­ten­sion. Cause­way Farm­house, School Lane.

17/P/01648 – listed build­ing con­sent for con­ver­sion of the garage block into an­cil­lary use (granny an­nex) in­cor­po­rat­ing a dormer win­dow and an in­fill ex­ten­sion. Cause­way Farm­house, School Lane.

17/P/01852 – four-bed de­tached dwelling and at­tached car port. Land the west of As­tra, Vicarage Lane.

17/P/01867 – field shel­ter for agri­cul­tural use. Land east of Peas­blos­som Cot­tage, Tan­nery Lane.

17/P/01869 – front ex­ten­sion and rais­ing of the roof to pro­vide first floor ac­com­mo­da­tion. Win­drush, Boughton Hall Av­enue.

17.P/01858 – in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal al­ter­ations. The Sea Horse Inn, 52-54 The Street.

17/P/01859 – listed build­ing con­sent for in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal al­ter­ations. The Sea Horse Inn, 52-54 The Street.

17/P/01870 – re­moval of con­di­tion no 6 ap­pli­ca­tion no 14/P/02396 ap­proved on 17/09/2015, re­new­able en­ergy. Broad­ford Coach House, Broad­ford.

17/P/01699 – sin­gle-storey side ex­ten­sion and ret­ro­spec­tive ap­pli­ca­tion for con­ser­va­tory and ex­ten­sion to garage. Pine Ridge, Plaws Hill, Peaslake.

17/P/01813 – re­place­ment dwelling. Lit­tle Quak­ers, Law­brook Lane, Peaslake.

17/P/01819 – front porch, two-storey side ex­ten­sion and sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion fol­low­ing de­mo­li­tion of rear con­ser­va­tory and out­build­ing. 27 Tow­er­hill, Gomshall.

17/P/01825 – de­mo­li­tion of shed and gen­eral site clear­ance. To con­struct a Hide­away which con­sists of an in­ter­nal tim­ber ‘box’ which is com­pletely mounded over and cov­ered in a green roof leav­ing only the front el­e­va­tion doors vis­i­ble. Purs­ers Lea Cot­tage, 6 Purs­ers Lea, Peaslake.

17/P/01830 – sin­gle-storey side/rear ex­ten­sion fol­low­ing de­mo­li­tion of two con­ser­va­to­ries, re­place­ment three by garage and tim­ber/glazed link be­tween house and garage. Hurt­wood House, Law­brook Lane, Peaslake. 17/P/01831 – sin­gle-storey out­build­ing to be used for leisure use. Hurt­wood House, Law­brook Lane, Peaslake.

17/P/01842 – Listed Build­ing Con­sent for a new mez­za­nine floor and re­fur­bish­ment of gra­nary within cur­tilage of listed main house. Hound House, Hound House Road, Shere.

17/P/01814 – dou­ble-storey porch with a sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion and al­ter­ations to the rear dormer roof. 138 Dork­ing Road, Chilworth.

17/P/01875 – part two-storey, part sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion and a two-storey side ex­ten­sion with as­so­ci­ated in­ter­nal al­ter­ations. 61 White­more Road.

17/W/00102 – Prior No­ti­fi­ca­tion for a sin­gle-storey 3.3 me­tre ex­ten­sion, 3.75m in height with an eaves height of 2.475m. 16 Med­lar Close.

17/P/01587 – re­place wooden framed sin­gle pane win­dows with uPVC dou­ble glaz­ing win­dows. 5 Heather Close.

17/P/01763 – two an­ten­nas on gable end wall pro­trud­ing above ridge height. 5 Hamil­ton Place.

17/P/01801 – new shop front to ground floor, shisha gar­den with canopy to rear to­gether with staff ac­com­mo­da­tion to first floor. 21 Wood­bridge Hill.

17/P/01854 – sin­gle-storey rear/side ex­ten­sion and de­tached util­ity room fol­low­ing de­mo­li­tion of garage. 200 Grange Road.

17/P/01862 – sin­gle-storey tim­ber out­build­ing for use as a gar­den room. Poyle Cot­tage, Poyle Road.

17/P/01863 – Listed Build­ing Con­sent for a sin­gle-storey tim­ber out­build­ing for use as a gar­den room. Poyle Cot­tage, Poyle Road.

17/P/01886 – de­tached out­build­ing with use an­cil­lary to the main dwelling (ret­ro­spec­tive ap­pli­ca­tion). 8 Here­ford Close. 17/P/01833 – loft con­ver­sion and roof win­dows. 53 Mead­ow­lands, West Clan­don. 17/P/01774 – Full and Listed Build­ing Con­sent for a sta­ble con­ver­sion, to pro­vide an­cil­lary do­mes­tic ac­com­mo­da­tion. Pin­cott Farm, Pin­cott Lane, West Hors­ley. 17/P/01837 – de­mo­li­tion of garage and sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion and con­struct two sin­gle-storey ex­ten­sions to­gether with al­ter­ations to the ex­ter­nal ap­pear­ance of the prop­erty. Carters Barn, Cran­more Lane, West Hors­ley. 17/P/01860 – pair of semide­tached three-bed­room dwellings. Land to the rear of 49-53 Long Reach, West Hors­ley.

17/P/01822 – sit­ing of ca­ter­ing van in pub car park. 36 Alder­shot Road.

17/P/01839 – de­mo­li­tion of con­ser­va­tory and con­struct sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion. Postern House, Church Lane.

17/P/01851 – first floor ex­ten­sion above garage. 22 Fair­lands Ave, Fair­lands.

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