Guild­ford Bor­ough Coun­cil plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tions

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sky­lights. The main sky­light above the kitchen ex­ten­sion has been re­duced in depth and above the util­ity area and the lantern style sky­light is to be re­placed with a plain rec­tan­gu­lar style. 14 Lans­down.

17/P/1903 – vari­a­tion to con­di­tion 2 (ap­proved plans) of plan­ning per­mis­sion 16/P/01853, ap­proved on 02/11/2016, to al­low the re­duc­tion in depth of the ap­proved ex­ten­sion and changes to the first floor fen­es­tra­tion de­tails. 14 Lans­down.

17/P/01922 – vari­a­tion of con­di­tion no 2 (draw­ings num­bers) of ap­pli­ca­tion 14/P/02166 ap­proved on 11/03/2015. 40 Nightin­gale Road. 17/P/01871 – de­mo­li­tion and re­place­ment of dwelling house. Tree Tops, Con­ham Way. 17/P/01894 – vari­a­tion of con­di­tion 2 (draw­ing nos) of 17/P/00945 to en­able loft con­ver­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing dormer win­dows to side and rear and sec­ond floor rear win­dow. Fair Winds, Manor Close. 17/P/01897 – three-bed­room chalet-style de­tached bun­ga­low on land be­hind Lymhurst, with on-site park­ing and amenity space. Lymhurst Sur­rey Gar­dens. 17/P/01920 – sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion. End Pad­dock, Nightin­gale Road. 17/P/01930 – first floor roof ex­ten­sion with dorm­ers, porch canopy and al­ter­ations to fen­es­tra­tion. Tus­cans, Lovelace Close. 17/P/01933 – part sin­gle part two-storey side ex­ten­sion, new rear con­ser­va­tory with a match­ing side ac­cess. New front porch canopy, fol­low­ing de­mo­li­tion of two garages. New tile hang­ing as a new first floor ex­ter­nal fin­ish and changes to fen­es­tra­tion. Ger­rins, Longhurst Road. 17/W/00104 – prior no­ti­fi­ca­tion for a sin­gle-storey 6-me­tre rear ex­ten­sion, 3m in height with an eaves height of 2.8m. 10 Old Lane.

17/P/01892 – flood­lights to hockey pitch. St Theresa’s School, Eff­in­g­ham Hill.

17/P/01936 – sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion, in­fill be­tween garage and house with garage roof al­ter­ation and con­ver­sion with dorm­ers. Chilworth, Manor House Lane. 17/P/01552 – display of one in­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated fas­cia sign and two non-il­lu­mi­nated painted let­ter signs. An­der­ton’s 58-59 Wood­bridge Road. 17/P/01919 – sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion. 12 Ge­orge Road. 17/P/01946 – sin­gle-storey side ex­ten­sion to form new staff room. 85 Guild­ford Park Road.

176/P/01826 – ad­ver­tise­ment con­sent for one ex­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated fas­cia sign and one ex­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated hang­ing sign. 172 – 174 High Street.

17/P/01873 – two-storey side ex­ten­sion. 31 Pew­ley Way.

17/P/01898 – ad­ver­tise­ment con­sent for one in­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated fas­cia sign and one non-il­lu­mi­nated hang­ing sign. 25-27 Mar­ket Street.

17/P/01900 – ad­ver­tise­ment con­sent for two in­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated fas­cia signs, one ex­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated hang­ing sign and one in­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated take-away sign. 237 High Street. 17/P/01915 – listed build­ing con­sent to in­stall com­mu­ni­ca­tions ca­bling. Yvonne Ar­naud Theatre, Mill­brook.

17/P/01802 – con­sul­ta­tion by Sur­rey County Coun­cil re­gard­ing de­tails of a School Travel Plan sub­mit­ted pur­suant to Con­di­tion 12 of plan­ning per­mis­sion ref: GU/17/P/00129 dated 10/05/17.

17/W/00103 – prior no­ti­fi­ca­tion for a 5m sin­gle storey rear ex­ten­sion, 3m in height with an eaves height of 3m. 8 Martins Close.

17/P/01885 – fourbed­room de­tached two-storey dwelling, fol­low­ing de­mo­li­tion of the bun­ga­low. 32 Queen Eleanors Road.

17/P/01895 – first­floor rear ex­ten­sion. 31 Beech Grove.

– con­sul­ta­tion from Sur­rey Heath Bor­ough Coun­cil re­lat­ing to sec­tion 73 ap­pli­ca­tion for a Mi­nor Ma­te­rial Amend­ment to re­served mat­ters per­mis­sion15/1062 (per­tain­ing to the Spine Road, Cen­tral SANGS and Vil­lage Green), pur­suant to con­di­tions 4 of hy­brid per­mis­sion 12/0546 (as amended – hy­brid ap­pli­ca­tion for a ma­jor res­i­den­tial led de­vel­op­ment to­talling 1,200 dwellings) to per­mit changes to con­di­tions 10 and 17 of per­mis­sion 15/1062 to, in re­spect of: con­di­tion 10 – con­firm the prin­ci­ple of SUDS to the south­ern SUDS area and con­di­tion 17 – amend with­draw, sub­sti­tute pro­vide new plans to: amend in the shape and size of the Vil­lage Green and pond. Up­date the SANGS man­age­ment and main­te­nance sched­ule and up­date the SANGS man­age­ment plan. Up­date high­ways draw­ings to al­low changes to align­ment of the Spine Road, Cy­cle­ways, foot­paths and pro­vide con­nec­tion to fu­ture re­tail area. Pro­vide de­tails of and seek agree­ment on the pro­vi­sion of a sub­sta­tion along the Spine Road and pro­vide SUDS in­fra­struc­ture plan. Princess Royal Bar­racks, Brunswick Road.

17/P/01917 – re­lo­ca­tion of garage granted un­der per­mit­ted de­vel­op­ment rights, plan­ning ref­er­ence 17/P/00785 – dated 1 June. Bin­ton Hall, Bin­ton Lane.

17/P/01929 – three-car garage. Nor­ney Rough, Shack­le­ford Road.

17/P/01911 – sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion and new front dormer with as­so­ci­ated al­ter­ations. 17 Tilling­bourne Road.

17/P/01943 – sin­gle-storey sum­mer house. 1 Field­view, Old Portsmouth Road.

17/P/01913 – loft con­ver­sion to ac­com­mo­da­tion in­cor­po­rat­ing slop­ing pitched roof dormer and in­ser­tion of up­per floor win­dow to rear. Den­ton Barn, Up­per Street, Shere.

17/P/01914 – listed build­ing con­sent for loft con­ver­sion to ac­com­mo­da­tion in­cor­po­rat­ing slop­ing pitched roof dormer, in­ser­tion of up­per floor win­dow to rear and as­so­ci­ated in­ter­nal al­ter­ations. Den­ton Barn, Up­per Street, Shere.

17/P/01918 – con­ver­sion of dou­ble garage into guest ac­com­mo­da­tion. Bel­mont, Crest Hill, Peaslake.

17/P/01926 – two-storey side ex­ten­sion. 91 Stoughton Road.

17/P/01928 – two-storey side ex­ten­sion and a sin­gle rear ex­ten­sion. 114 Stoughton Road.

17/P/01921 – two two-storey semi-de­tached dwelling houses with rooms in roof. 115A Grange Road.

17/P/01935 – sin­gle-storey rear ex­ten­sion. 8 Ard­more Av­enue. 17/P/01628 – de­mo­li­tion of scout hut and a re­place­ment scout head quar­ters. 4th Farn­ham Scout Hut, Poyle Road.

17/P/01923 – new front porch and bay win­dow canopy, part sin­gle two-storey rear ex­ten­sion and changes to fen­es­tra­tion. 4 Worces­ter Road. 17/P/01775 – listed build­ing con­sent for sta­ble con­ver­sion to pro­vide an­cil­lary do­mes­tic ac­com­mo­da­tion. Pin­cott Farm, Pin­cott Lane. 17/P/01889 – first floor ex­ten­sion to a fam­ily dwelling. 61 Long Reach.

17/P/01800 – re­place­ment of win­dow walling to school build­ing. Kings Col­lege for the Arts and Tech­nol­ogy.

17/P/01880 – first floor front roof ex­ten­sion, first floor side dormer, sin­gle and two-storey side ex­ten­sion, con­ver­sion of garage to ac­com­mo­da­tion and changes to fen­es­tra­tion. 15 Louis Fields, Fair­lands.

17/P/01881 – change of use from Class B8 to flex­i­ble Class B8/D2, in­stal­la­tion of plant and amend­ments to car park­ing lay­out. 15 The Pines Busi­ness Park.

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