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The av­er­age Brit spent a to­tal of 40 hours on the sofa last Christ­mas, a sur­vey found. Re­search con­cluded that a com­bi­na­tion of nod­ding off af­ter food, binge­ing on Net­flix’s Christ­mas of­fer­ing ( A Christ­mas Prince, any­one?) and yet an­other round of Cluedo, Scrab­ble or sim­i­lar led to a stun­ning five hours a day clocked up on the couch. What else would we do? Ex­perts sug­gest that we re­vive the once tra­di­tional Christ­mas walk. So gather up the fam­ily and head out to­gether for a brisk walk in the fes­tive chill. Only 30 min­utes out­side get­ting your heart rate up can do won­ders for your health. Reg­u­lar walk­ing helps to im­prove heart and lung fit­ness, strengthen bones, in­crease mus­cle strength and re­duce body fat, which we’ll all need come Jan­uary. Turn back to page 35 for some of our favourite win­ter walks in Sur­rey.

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Doc­tors and pa­tients in this area of medicine are very par­tic­u­lar about the re­sults achieved and safety is al­ways at the forefront of any de­ci­sion.

Most pro­ce­dures are now well es­tab­lished and the largest in­crease in pa­tients seek­ing such treat­ments is in the 40-70-year-old cat­e­gory. There are many fac­tors for this in­clud­ing ac­tive life­styles, frus­tra­tions with changes in vi­sion and high ex­pec­ta­tions. As a re­sult, lens ex­change surgery, which is an evo­lu­tion of cataract surgery has shown huge growth in re­cent years.

In the search for ever in­creas­ing safety and pre­ci­sion, doc­tors have car­ried out a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new pro­ce­dure which of­fers many of the ben­e­fits of pre­mium tri­fo­cal lens tech­nol­ogy with com­plete life­long re­versibil­ity.

The Tri­fo­cal DUET pro­ce­dure was per­formed for the first time in the UK ear­lier this month by Rakesh Jayaswal, a Con­sul­tant spe­cial­is­ing in Corneal and Re­frac­tive Surgery at the Spire Hos­pi­tal in Portsmouth. The pro­ce­dure in­volves re­moval of the nat­u­ral lens as per­formed in tra­di­tional lens ex­change and cataract pro­ce­dures, but in­stead of one in­traoc­u­lar lens be­ing in­serted, two pre­mium lenses are used to re­store vi­sion for all dis­tances. A dis­tance cor­rect­ing lens is per­ma­nently placed within the struc­tures that hold the nat­u­ral lens and a read­ing lens is in­serted just in front. The ad­van­tage of this ap­proach is that should the pa­tient be­come in­tol­er­ant of a tri­fo­cal lens in the fu­ture then the lens may be re­moved at any point in time.

Mr Jayaswal says “We have al­ways looked to see how tech­nol­ogy can op­ti­mise out­comes and im­prove pa­tient safety and sat­is­fac­tion even fur­ther. Whilst tra­di­tional lens surgery is safe, the DUET pro­ce­dure is a true game-changer. It of­fers pa­tients and doc­tors the high­est level of safety us­ing the lat­est pre­mium lens tech­nol­ogy by al­low­ing life­long re­versibil­ity. As the eye is a liv­ing tis­sue, should the health of the eye change for any rea­son over the course of time then pre­mium lens can be re­moved safely in a mat­ter of min­utes.”

The ten-minute pro­ce­dure was first per­formed on a 49-year-old lawyer from Lon­don who was de­vel­op­ing symp­toms from an early cataract. Whilst be­ing coun­selled on surgery, he was un­sure about the use of tri­fo­cal lenses as there is a small risk of pa­tients not adapt­ing to the vi­sion. “As soon as Mr Jayaswal of­fered me a re­versible so­lu­tion, it was an easy de­ci­sion” said Mr Hig­gins. “In my eyes, this is a mir­a­cle. I was op­er­ated on in the evening and as soon as I woke up the next morn­ing, the world was a dif­fer­ent place. I haven’t needed to use glasses for any­thing since. The clar­ity is ab­so­lutely per­fect”

DUET surgery can also be used in any pa­tient who may be dis­ap­pointed with their con­tin­ued de­pen­dence on glasses af­ter pre­vi­ous cataract surgery. The use of the sec­ond lens al­lows for pa­tients to up­grade the op­tics of the orig­i­nal lens to the very lat­est tri­fo­cal tech­nol­ogy.

Laservi­sion are now of­fer­ing the lat­est in lens surgery in their hos­pi­tal based clin­ics across the UK which in­clude Guild­ford, Portsmouth and Wok­ing.

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