The Jan­uary blues

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This month’s col­umn is brought to you through streaming eyes and blocked nose along with a sore throat. Yes, I’ve got a cold. It’s no worse than any other I’ve had and I don’t think I’ve moaned too much about it at work. How­ever, the re­ac­tion from my fe­male col­leagues sug­gests that not to be the case. I’ve now been told by all but one of my col­leagues that I’ve got ‘man flu’. In fact, if an­other per­son sug­gests as much I think I may have to let out a scream, al­beit a rather croaky one.

It’s quite hard to tell how you are feel­ing when you get up most morn­ings at 4am. To­day for ex­am­ple, it was a chilly two de­grees Cel­sius out­side and I had to scrape the wind­screen and clear the car be­fore set­ting off. Even with­out a cold it’s pretty mis­er­able. Ex­pe­ri­ence tells me that it’s not nor­mally un­til about 11am that I can tell how I’m re­ally feel­ing.

Ar­riv­ing at work this morn­ing was in­ter­est­ing. My BBC Sur­rey co-host Les­ley Mccabe is nurs­ing a bad back and hob­bling around. This self-in­flicted in­jury is due to an over am­bi­tious work out four days ago! Op­po­site her is our pro­ducer Jess, who has a cough a blue whale would be proud of. Wel­come to Jan­uary in Sur­rey.

Happy New Year Yes it’s a new year. A time to re­flect on a lovely fes­tive sea­son and to work out which of the food left over can go to the food­bank. You may also wish to start a new to do list of all the things you didn’t get around to over the past 12 months. Along with many other peo­ple I’m look­ing for­ward to start­ing the new year by ac­tu­ally us­ing my gym mem­ber­ship. If I could lose the same amount of pounds in weight as I’ll spend in cash this month, I would be very happy. How­ever, I say that as I’ve just sneezed into my umpteenth tis­sue!

A few weeks back we in­ter­viewed an ‘ex­pert’ who gave us predici­tons for the com­ing 12 months. Amaz­ingly they man­aged the whole dis­cus­sion with­out men­tion­ing Brexit! How­ever they did think that a new devel­op­ment will be an ‘MOT for your gut’, as we will ap­par­ently start us­ing test­ing kits and apps to show the bac­te­ria liv­ing in­side our di­ges­tive sys­tem, and how a new trend of man­ag­ing our gut ‘mi­cro­biome’ to help treat health prob­lems. Top of the predictions for the next year is the devel­op­ment of ‘Deep Fakes’, where tech­nol­ogy could be used to change video and make politi­cians or celebri­ties ac­tu­ally look like they said some­thing they didn’t.

I’m not one for predictions, how­ever I do pre­dict I will be walk­ing the dog ev­ery day come rain or shine. I’ve got the puppy eyes look at the mo­ment which means... New­lands Cor­ner here I come, along with Rosie.­sur­rey @James­can­non66

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