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Nothing like the apocalypse to welcome in the new millennium! Designed by husband and wife Todd and Kerry Breitenste­in, Zombies!!! is the ever expanding tabletop simulation of running around in the dark whilst seemingly endless miniature zombies stagger towards you. Players take the role of survivors attempting to find a way to leave the undead infested city, picking up weapons and supplies along the way, whilst also ‘accidental­ly’ causing grief for your (currently) fellow humans.

The game is most well known for its sheer quantity of components (the current edition contains 50 zombie figures in the base game alone) as well as the wide variety of expansions, with a staggering fifteen boxed expansions for the base game, from hospitals to circuses and even a zoo, complete with zombie lions, tigers and bears.

Despite Todd’s sad passing in 2013 after battling lung cancer, the game lives on today with more releases planned for the future, proving that you can never keep a good schlocky horror game down.

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