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Op­po­site, we re­view the MiPow Power Tube 3000, which in­cludes Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity so you can pair it with an app and mon­i­tor the re­main­ing ca­pac­ity and de­vice tem­per­a­ture – a hot topic, thanks to a re­cent EE Power Bar fire-safety scare.

Here we have the Choetech Por­ta­ble Power Bank, the first power bank we’ve seen to in­clude sup­port for Qual­comm Quick Charge 2.0 – and not only for charg­ing your de­vices but also for re­fill­ing its own bat­tery, which means you could re­fill this high­ca­pac­ity bank in just 7.5 hours.

If you have a phone or tablet that sup­ports Quick Charge, you’ll know just how welcome a fea­ture it is. Qual­comm Quick Charge 2.0 is able to re­duce charg­ing time by up to 75 per­cent, and in the case of our own Sam­sung Gal­axy S6 we can ob­tain a 40 per­cent charge in just 30 min­utes. Hav­ing tried it, we wouldn’t buy a phone with­out it.

With our phones now an es­sen­tial part of our daily lives, and hard­ware get­ting more pow­er­ful with ev­ery new re­lease, bat­tery life is an is­sue; the abil­ity to get enough charge for sev­eral hours’ use in lit­er­ally a few min­utes is an ab­so­lute life­saver. In­cor­po­rat­ing that func­tion­al­ity into a por­ta­ble power bank is ge­nius.


We say por­ta­ble, but the Choetech – for all the great tech that lies in­side – is a bit of a brick. It’s a shiny brick, thanks to its glossy black coat­ing, but this does lit­tle to hide its size and ac­tu­ally makes it feel a lit­tle cheap. (And cheap it isn’t, at £33 from Ama­zon UK – at least not when com­pared to many ri­val power banks of this ca­pac­ity.) The Choetech mea­sures 147x78x16m­m, and weighs a hefty 356g.

To be fair, the Choetech does pro­vide 15,600mAh of power for charg­ing up a con­nected phone and/or tablet. Most power banks, un­less the man­u­fac­turer specif­i­cally states oth­er­wise, hover around 65- to 70 per­cent ef­fi­ciency. This means not all of that 15,600mAh of power will make its way to your de­vices; in­stead, you should ex­pect some­thing closer to 10,500mAh. That’s still plenty of juice, mind, and would fill our Sam­sung Gal­axy S6 four times, or a smaller-ca­pac­ity iPhone bat­tery some­thing like five- to six times.


If you have a phone or tablet that doesn’t sup­port Quick Charge, you’ll note there are two out­puts and two in­puts on this Choetech power bank. In­put 1 is a 5V 2.1A (5.5W)/9V 1.5A (13.5W) Mi­cro-USB port that sup­ports Quick Charge; to re­fill the bank just pair it with the charger that came with your Quick Charge-com­pat­i­ble de­vice. In­put 2 is a Light­ning port, mak­ing re­fills eas­ier for iPhone users who are un­likely to have a Mi­cro-USB ca­ble to hand (although one is supplied in the box). This op­er­ates at the slower speed of 5V 2.1A or 5.5W.

When it comes to charg­ing up your phone or tablet, those with Quick Charge-com­pat­i­ble de­vices should use out­put 2, which is in­stantly recog­nis­able by its blue con­nec­tion. This is a 5V 2.4A (12W)/9V 1.7A (15.3W)/12V 1.3A (15.6W) out­put. The other out­put, out­put 1, is a 5V 1A (5W) con­nec­tion for charg­ing an iPhone or non-Quick Charge-com­pat­i­ble An­droid phone.

That’s it for the ports and con­nec­tions, and the only other hard­ware con­trol you’ll find is a power but­ton on top of the Choetech Por­ta­ble Power Bank. Be­side this are four LEDs with the le­gends 25-, 50-, 75- and 100 per­cent to show how much power re­mains. The power but­ton is used to see the ca­pac­ity sta­tus at a glance, and also to be­gin charg­ing, since the Choetech doesn’t sup­port auto-on.

Another fea­ture it doesn’t sup­port is passthroug­h charg­ing, which is the abil­ity to power both the power bank and a con­nected de­vice at once. We’re happy to ig­nore this gripe, how­ever, given that charg­ing time is greatly re­duced for both phone and power bank via Quick Charge.

Also miss­ing is a soft carry case and an LED torch, two things com­monly pro­vided with the vast ma­jor­ity of power banks. But you know what we’re go­ing to say: who cares – it sup­ports Quick Charge.

In all hon­esty, though, were it not for the in­clu­sion of Quick Charge sup­port and the abil­ity to re­fill the de­vice via ei­ther Mi­cro-USB or Light­ning, the Choetech would be a very stan­dard, al­beit high­ca­pac­ity power bank. If your phone doesn’t sup­port Quick Charge, or the Light­ning in­put is of no use to you, we would ad­vise you to look else­where. (See our best power banks chart on page 145.)


We can’t say enough just how pleased we are with the in­clu­sion of Quick Charge 2.0 sup­port in this power bank, and if speed is im­por­tant to you then no doubt you’ll feel the same. iPhone users will also ap­pre­ci­ate the Light­ning in­put, although the Quick Charge func­tion­al­ity will be of no use to them. In other re­spects there is noth­ing stand­out here, so if you won’t ben­e­fit from Quick Charge or Light­ning you should look else­where.

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