We’re im­pressed by what the iPhone 6s has to of­fer, es­pe­cially the 3D Touch tech­nol­ogy. If it catches on, 3D it will change how peo­ple in­ter­act with their iPhones, both in terms of brows­ing the web and so­cial me­dia, as well as when gam­ing. The over­haul of the cam­era is a wel­come ad­di­tion, too. This works well with Live Pho­tos, a new soft­ware fea­ture that cap­tures a gif-like video, com­plete with au­dio when you take a photo – 1.5 sec­onds be­fore the photo was taken, and 1.5 sec­onds af­ter. It doesn’t just have im­pres­sive new fea­tures, the boosted in­ter­nals pro­vide us with a much faster phone than we’re used to, and tasks that would take sec­onds on our 6 Plus took a split se­cond on the 6s. We’re ex­cited about the tech­nol­ogy the 6s of­fers, and what it means for fu­ture smart­phones. Full re­view at­pce

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