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Re­main­ing vig­i­lant will help keep your tech safe

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It may be 2016 – a time be­yond the in­cred­i­ble fu­ture en­vi­sioned in Back to the Fu­ture Part II – but de­spite some of the great tech and life-en­hanc­ing gad­gets we can now buy, the re­al­ity is that we still have to worry about mun­dane things such as in­stalling an­tivirus soft­ware. In fact, as crim­i­nals fo­cus more on scam­ming peo­ple on­line, ev­ery­one needs to be even more vig­i­lant to re­main safe and avoid be­com­ing a vic­tim of iden­tity theft, hav­ing your data en­crypted and held to ran­som or an­other equally de­spi­ca­ble crime.

Fol­low our nine tips on keep­ing your PC safe (page 92) and you stand a far bet­ter chance of do­ing so, and re­mem­ber that you should also ap­ply many of the same prin­ci­ples to your tablet and phone too, in­clud­ing in­stalling an­tivirus on An­droid devices (page 102).

One of the great new tech­nolo­gies is USB-C, and we’re now start­ing to see lap­tops, as well as tablets and phones, with the new port. It solves the prob­lem USB has al­ways suf­fered from: you never know which way to plug it in un­less you look at the port and the ca­ble. It is es­pe­cially frus­trat­ing with Mi­cro-USB cables, which never seem to want to at­tach even when you have the cor­rect ori­en­ta­tion.

With USB-C, such as Ap­ple’s Light­ning con­nec­tor, you can plug the ca­ble in ei­ther way up and it will work. And along­side data trans­fer, it can de­liver enough power to charge. We’re a way from be­ing able to use USB-C charg­ers as in­ter­change­ably as tra­di­tional USB though, as our tests on page 105 show.

One new gad­get with USB C is Google’s Pixel C tablet, re­viewed on page 24. It’s in­ter­est­ing be­cause Google is po­si­tion­ing it as a pro­duc­tiv­ity de­vice so – in the­ory – you can use it like a Chrome­book but also ben­e­fit from all the apps avail­able for An­droid.

We’ve also tested out the new Lumia 950 XL, a phone that has as­pi­ra­tions of be­ing your only PC by virtue of a Dis­play Dock that lets you use it like a PC. You can find out how we got on with it on page 38. With fewer than 3 per­cent of smart­phone buy­ers opt­ing for Win­dows phones, its fu­ture is far from cer­tain, though.

Most peo­ple choose an An­droid phone or an iPhone. Our re­views ex­plain all you need to know, but this month we’ve taken all the pop­u­lar flag­ships and gone into sig­nif­i­cantly more depth with their cam­eras and au­dio ca­pa­bil­i­ties. So if you’re choos­ing a phone be­cause you want a great cam­era, check out our test start­ing on page 64, but don’t miss our re­view of the DxO One (page 50) if you have an iPhone. Those who care about how their phone sounds will find in-depth anal­y­sis of both their speak­ers and the qual­ity of their head­phone out­puts on page 78 on­wards.

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