Razer Mamba Tour­na­ment Edge

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Razer Mamba Tour­na­ment Edge

The Mamba Tour­na­ment Edi­tion is the same ex­act mouse – same 16,000 DPI sen­sor, same light­ing ef­fects, same 1ms polling rate – ex­cept it’s al­ways wired. Oh, and it’s miss­ing the feels-sort-of-gim­micky ad­justable click force tech­nol­ogy. Plus, it costs £79 in­stead of £135. We also pre­fer the weight of the Mamba TE, and be­cause it’s a wired mouse, there’s no bulky bat­tery weigh­ing it down, which it makes a huge dif­fer­ence.


We can’t imag­ine why you’d buy the reg­u­lar Mamba in­stead of the Mamba TE, un­less you’re dead set on go­ing wire­less. Razer’s made a beau­ti­ful mouse, but £79 is al­ready push­ing what I’d pay. And £135 is too rich for me, even if the Mamba and its charg­ing stand are two of the pret­ti­est de­vices I’ve ever had on my desk.

The Tour­na­ment Edi­tion has 90 per­cent of the func­tion­al­ity with­out ne­ces­si­tat­ing you mort­gage your home or put your mouse on a charger ev­ery night. That gives it the edge, in our book.

The Mamba looks ridicu­lous, but we love it for its au­dac­ity

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