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Logitech first pitched the G302 Daedalus Prime to us last year as a MOBA-friendly mouse. It then came back a few months later with the G303 Daedalus Apex, which has pretty much the same de­sign, though with slightly dif­fer­ent in­ter­nals. It comes with a 12,000 DPI sen­sor, a braided fab­ric ca­ble sheathe and six but­tons: left-, righ­tand mid­dle mouse, plus one di­rectly be­hind the scroll wheel, and two thumb but­tons on the side.

You can tell the G303 grew from MOBA roots by the feel of the left- and right mouse but­tons. Both are ex­tremely tight, with a min­i­mum of travel. The re­sis­tance is a touch too heavy for some­thing built for rapid click­ing, but it feels good nonethe­less. It’s ex­tremely tac­tile and much more satisfying than, say, the Razer DeathAd­der’s spongier but­tons. The Pixart sen­sor is also a beauty. You can whip the Daedalus Apex around with per­fect ac­cu­racy, no prob­lem.

It’s ev­ery­thing you’d want in a highly-re­spon­sive mouse ex­cept its shape. Keep in mind that this mouse is aimed specif­i­cally at claw and/ or fin­ger­tip grip­pers, so palm grip­pers might as well stop read­ing. But even as a claw grip­per our­self, the Daedalus Apex is a bit awk­ward. It’s a small, thin di­a­mond, with a low front, high rear, and pointy sides. It looks al­most like an am­bidex­trous mouse, but it’s not quite sym­met­ri­cal and there are no thumb but­tons on the right edge.

On the plus side, it’s ex­tremely light­weight. In fact, we’re pretty sure the braided ca­ble weighs more than the mouse it­self. The Daedalus Apex is pared down about as much as it could be, while still be­ing recog­nis­ably mouse-shaped, and the re­sult is a smooth, easy glide. Again, made for MOBAs.

But our poor hand. No mat­ter how we held the Daedalus Apex, it felt un­com­fort­able. Pure claw-grip, we had to bring our lit­tle fin­ger to rest against the bot­tom edge of the mouse where it dragged along the mousepad. If we pushed our hand a bit to the side, one edge of the di­a­mond run­ning against our palm, it felt bet­ter, but then our thumb couldn’t reach its ded­i­cated but­tons.

Not that the thumb but­tons are well-placed to be­gin with. They’re ar­ranged on the left corner of the Daedalus Apex’s di­a­mond, with one to the rear and one to the front of said corner. The rear side but­ton is fine and your thumb presses against it like nor­mal.

But the front side but­ton? Push­ing it in­volves pulling the thumb back in, to­ward the palm. It’s not a very er­gonomic mo­tion, nor is it easy to ex­e­cute with­out si­mul­ta­ne­ously shift­ing the mouse by a few mil­lime­tres. Last but not least, we should men­tion the scroll wheel. It’s coated in a slick rub­ber in­stead of the usual tire tread-es­que grip, and it has a ten­dency to shift for­ward or back­ward when­ever you try to click the mid­dle mouse.


You won’t be sur­prised to hear that we’re not big fans. The G303 Daedalus Apex is out­fit­ted like a pre­mium mouse, with a 12,000 DPI sen­sor and some of the nicest left- and right mouse but­tons we’ve seen. And Logitech’s RGB light­ing is, as per usual, beau­ti­fully han­dled – bright and ac­cu­rate, with a pleas­ant hon­ey­comb pat­tern. The whole thing it let down by the shape, though. We were ex­cited to put the G303 through its paces be­cause it’s rare we get a mouse de­signed specif­i­cally for claw-grip­pers, but this feels like it needs (more than) a few re­vi­sions. It may, how­ever, be suit­able for peo­ple with small­erthan-av­er­age hands, as most gam­ing mice seem de­signed for gi­ants. The G303 Daedalus Apex is one of the few that seems like it would work for those with dain­tier dig­its.

The Apex is pared down about as much as it could be, while still be­ing recog­nis­ably mouse­shaped, and the re­sult is a smooth, easy glide

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