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The Roc­cat Tyon feels like a relic from an­other age – one where mouse man­u­fac­tur­ers fran­ti­cally tried to cover ev­ery sur­face with but­tons in some sort of mad arms race (or fingers race, if you will). Why set­tle for one but­ton for your in­dex fin­ger when you can have three but­tons? And three for the ring fin­ger. While we’re at it, why not build the thumb its own tele­graph switch­board?

Cheaper by the dozen

The main draw of the Roc­cat Tyon is the but­tons. Sure, it has an 8,200 DPI laser sen­sor, the stan­dard 1000Hz polling rate, and a nifty RGB light chan­nel around the bot­tom of the mouse. But it also has 12 but­tons and an ana­logue pad­dle that wob­bles up and down. What’s more, one of those but­tons func­tions as a mod­i­fier key (which Roc­cat brands “Easy-Shift Tech­nol­ogy”), in ef­fect giv­ing you dou­ble the but­ton map­ping.

There’s left-, right- and mid­dle-click, plus two ad­di­tional but­tons mapped to both the ring and in­dex fingers. Be­hind the scroll wheel is a pad­dle that clicks back and forth (dig­i­tally). The thumb

does most of the heavy lift­ing, with two thumb but­tons and the mod­i­fier but­ton and the afore­men­tioned ana­logue pad­dle. It’s a beast of a mouse, and yet sur­pris­ingly com­fort­able, so long as you have mod­er­ately large hands and use the ‘cor­rect’ grip. As far as we can tell, the Tyon caters to a three­fin­ger palm grip. In other words, your in­dex, mid­dle, and ring fingers are all lo­cated on top of the mouse.

You can get away with other grips, with vary­ing re­sults. Keep­ing only two fingers on top of the mouse (with the mid­dle fin­ger con­trol­ling both the rightclick and the scroll wheel) means your ring fin­ger is in the way of two but­tons and your lit­tle fin­ger is squeezed for space. Us­ing a claw grip means you lose ac­cess to the pad­dle be­hind the scroll wheel, though it’s eas­ier to hit the two ex­tra but­tons on the in­dex/ring fin­ger. The main ques­tion is, as al­ways, whether you ac­tu­ally need this many but­tons. Un­less you’re play­ing an MMO or some­thing such as Arma III, it’s doubt­ful. The but­ton-heavy mouse has fallen out of fash­ion in most cir­cles for good rea­son – for most peo­ple, six- or eight but­tons is the sweet spot. Add more and you’re likely to for­get to take ad­van­tage.

And the Tyon makes some strange choices. That mod­i­fier (Easy-Shift) key, for in­stance. There’s a but­ton on the thumb rest that is ba­si­cally an Alt key for your mouse, giv­ing you twice the map­ping op­tions. This is great, in the­ory, but un­for­tu­nately, due to the but­ton’s place­ment, it’s pretty much im­pos­si­ble to hold it down and use the other two thumb but­tons at the same time. Plus, since it’s lo­cated on the thumb rest, we found our­selves in­ad­ver­tently press­ing it on more than one oc­ca­sion.

We also wish that the top (dig­i­tal) pad­dle and scroll wheel were com­bined into a tilt wheel as this is one of our favourite mouse fea­tures. The Tyon has all the com­po­nents of a tilt wheel, it’s just that they are split into two pieces. It seems un­nec­es­sary, and the place­ment of the pad­dle is awk­ward as hell at the mo­ment.

We like the Tyon bet­ter over­all than the Naga, though. We’ve al­ways had trou­ble telling the dif­fer­ence be­tween the Naga’s 12 num­ber­pad-style thumb but­tons. The Tyon gives you sim­i­lar func­tion­al­ity but with more unique but­ton po­si­tions.

And re­ally your ap­pre­ci­a­tion for the Tyon will come down to how much time you’re will­ing to put into fid­dling. This isn’t a plug-and-play sort of mouse. Or, at least, not if you want to tap into its full po­ten­tial. You’re go­ing to need to spend some time de­cid­ing how to map each but­ton twice-over. Do so, and some in­ge­nious con­trol schemes open up, though. Change weapons by flick­ing the ana­logue pad­dle back and forth. Melee by hit­ting the left mouse while the mod­i­fier key is held down. The Tyon has a ton of func­tion­al­ity, if you’ve got the pa­tience and the cre­ativ­ity.


If you are in the mar­ket for a but­ton-heavy mouse, the Tyon is prob­a­bly our favourite though. It’s much more in­tu­itive to me than the Naga-style num­ber­pad de­sign, and I found my­self miss­ing the Easy-Shift func­tion once I went back to a dif­fer­ent mouse. Plus, you’ll find it for a much more rea­son­able £49.99 on­line.

It’s a beast of a mouse, and yet sur­pris­ingly com­fort­able, so long as you have mod­er­ately large hands and use the ‘cor­rect’ grip

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