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Most mi­croSD cards use TLC flash stor­age, which is the cheap­est type. Tran­scend is keen to point out that its High En­durance mi­croSDXC card uses MLC stor­age, which stores fewer bits per cell and is more re­li­able (and more ex­pen­sive). It’s de­signed for con­tin­u­ous record­ing in dash cams and se­cu­rity cam­eras rather than for su­per-high speeds.

So it wasn’t too sur­pris­ing to see rel­a­tively pedes­trian read and write speeds from this Class 10 card: 23MB/s when read­ing and 20.9MB/s when writ­ing se­quen­tially. That’s dou­ble the min­i­mum write speed re­quired for a Class 10 card, and plenty for Full HD record­ing. For ran­dom 4KB read and writes, it man­aged 5.7MB/s and 1.3MB/s re­spec­tively. Not great, but then again, this isn’t de­signed for phone or tablet use. Oddly, though, the card has only a two-year war­ranty, while some ri­vals, no­tably San­Disk, of­fer a life­time war­ranty. In­deed, Tran­scend’s own Ul­ti­mate range of mi­croSD cards has a life­time war­ranty.

The other prob­lem is price: you pay quite the pre­mium for this high en­durance: it equates to about 55p per GB.

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