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Hav­ing waded through a sea of bor­ing black plas­tic power banks, the cool­look­ing CHJGD Ul­traCom­pact Power Bank of­fers wel­come re­lief. The colour­ful bull­dog de­sign might not be to your taste, but CHJGD also of­fers op­tions in­clud­ing a Lam­borgh­ini, Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe and a sun­flower de­sign.

CHJGD hasn’t sim­ply added a graphic in an effort to im­prove power bank de­sign, it’s also in­cor­po­rated a soft-touch rub­ber cas­ing and man­aged to squeeze it into a tiny shell just 93x19x63mm and 181g a 10,000mAh bat­tery. It says this is the world’s small­est 10,000mAh power bank, and we can’t think of one that’s smaller. Even the tiny Anker Pow­erCore 10,000mAh is a lit­tle larger at 92x60x22mm and 188g.

One thing the Anker does bet­ter, though, is fast charging. It in­cludes a Quick Charge 3.0 USB out­put, and a 10W Mi­cro-USB in­put. By com­par­i­son this CHJGD has a 10.5W USB out­put and only a 5W Mi­cro-USB in­put, al­though it does have in­tel­li­gent tech­nol­ogy that al­lows it to recog­nise the device and de­liver the op­ti­mum amount of charge. The in­put in par­tic­u­lar is slow, so this power bank will take longer than the Anker to both charge an at­tached device and re­fill its own bat­tery – ex­pect the CHJGD Ul­traCom­pact Power Bank to fill up in be­tween three­and five hours de­pend­ing on the spec­i­fi­ca­tion of your USB charger.

In its favour though, you can simultaneo­usly charge both the CHJGD Ul­traCom­pact Power Bank and an at­tached phone or tablet from a sin­gle mains out­let. This is known as passthroug­h charging, and it is not some­thing the Anker sup­ports.

We were also pleased to find the CHJGD sup­ports auto-on, which means you sim­ply plug in a phone and it will start charging with­out you need­ing to fid­dle around with any but­tons. The cable supplied is also a nice one, a flat Mi­cro-USB cable with a Light­ning adap­tor for charging an iPhone, al­though no carry case is pro­vided. We don’t think you’ll need one, how­ever, since the CHJGD feels rea­son­ably tough, and it’s not so big and cumbersome that it is likely to fall from a pocket or out of your hands.

The in­dus­try-stan­dard ef­fi­ciency for power banks lies some­where be­tween 65- and 70 per­cent, which means from a 10,000mAh power bank such as this you should ex­pect at least 6500mAh of avail­able power. That would re­fill any iPhone three to four times, and most An­droid phones two to three times. We doubt many users would need more power than this in a sin­gle day.

Four tiny LEDs sit to the side of the USB out­put along­side the tini­est power button we’ve ever seen. We like that it’s so small, though: with sup­port for auto-on a power button is use­ful only to check how much power re­mains in­side the bank.


CHJGD is do­ing what it can to bring some colour to the func­tional-look­ing power bank mar­ket with the bull­dog-in­spired Ul­traCom­pact Power Bank. It has use­ful ca­pac­ity, and it is af­ford­able and easily portable. A great buy if you’re in the mar­ket for a portable charger you can slip into a pocket.

The CHJGD sup­ports auto-on, which means you plug in a phone and it will start charging with­out you need­ing to fid­dle around with any but­tons

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