Paid-for hard drive di­ag­nos­tic soft­ware

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If you’re will­ing to spend a bit of money on your di­ag­nos­tic soft­ware then the first place to go is the Gib­son Re­search Cor­po­ra­tion’s web­site ( When you first ar­rive you might find your­self rather ques­tion­able of the aes­thet­ics – the site looks like some­thing out of Geoc­i­ties in the 1990s – but don’t let this put you off. This is the home of SpinRite, a leg­endary disk mon­i­tor­ing and data re­cov­ery app that plenty of users swear by.

The soft­ware, now in its sixth gen­er­a­tion, has five lev­els of op­er­a­tion rang­ing from a sim­ple scan to restor­ing sec­tors, and has been known to of­ten get sup­pos­edly dead drives run­ning again. It’s not cheap, but then qual­ity soft­ware rarely is. At the mo­ment you can buy SpinRite V6 for around £70 at

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