Jumper EZBook 3 Pro

£192 inc VAT from fave.co/2werE3z

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If you’re look­ing for a de­cent-size yet por­ta­ble Win­dows 10 lap­top on a bud­get, the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro may im­press.

Avail­able from GearBest for just £192.10 you’d be hard pressed to find bet­ter value for money in a lap­top of this size. You will need to ad­di­tion­ally fac­tor in im­port duty, how­ever, which is cal­cu­lated at 20 per­cent of the value on the ship­ping pa­per­work, plus an ad­min fee of around £11.

In re­turn for your money you get a alu­minium lap­top with a 13.3in full-HD screen, run­ning the In­tel Apollo Lake N3450 quad-core pro­ces­sor with 6GB of RAM and

64GB of stor­age (you can add more if re­quired via an M.2 SSD or SD slot). There’s dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth 4.0 sup­port, plus two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI out­put and a head­phone jack.

This is a very sim­i­lar spec to that of­fered by the Chuwi LapBook 14.1, an­other Chi­nese bud­get lap­top with the same pro­ces­sor and stor­age setup, plus a slightly larger screen, but a plas­tic chas­sis and just 4GB of RAM. The two are cur­rently avail­able at ex­actly the same price from GearBest (the Chuwi is avail­able at fave.co/2welJLX priced £189).

The EZBook’s key­board and track­pad are of a good size and re­spon­sive, with soft­ware pre­in­stalled that lets you block accidental taps while typ­ing. The wellspaced Scrab­ble-tile keys are full-size and ac­cu­rate in use, though there’s no room for a num­ber pad or any hot keys, as you might ex­pect. Nei­ther is there any back­light­ing, but clear white la­belling on jet black tiles helps the char­ac­ters to stand out.

A draw­back is that this is a US key­board, and a UK ver­sion is not avail­able as an op­tion. It’s easy enough to con­fig­ure Win­dows to use a UK lay­out, though you will need to re­mem­ber that cer­tain func­tions won’t tally up with their but­ton leg­ends.

At 1.4kg the EZBook 3 Pro is light enough for a life on the road, though its screen is not es­pe­cially bright (we mea­sured a max­i­mum 154cd/m2) which could make out­door work­ing dif­fi­cult in bright sun­shine. It is a matt panel, though, which should help.

This is a 13.3in IPS dis­play, which af­fords real­is­tic colours and strong view­ing an­gles. The screen can be laid back rea­son­ably far, so us­ing it on a lap shouldn’t

present any prob­lems. The full-HD res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 pix­els makes for sharp text and images, too.

We like the rea­son­ably thin screen bezels, with Jumper mak­ing the best use of the space avail­able in­side the chas­sis. Above the screen sits a 2Mp we­b­cam, which is enough for video chat. This pro­trudes from the chas­sis, which doesn’t look great but pre­vents the screen com­ing into con­tact with the keys.

With the lid closed the lap­top does lit­tle to be­tray its bud­get roots, with a sil­ver metal chas­sis that has rounded cor­ners and a chis­elled chrome-ef­fect edge. We’re less keen on the plas­tic hinge, the rear speaker grilles that might fire sound into the desk or your lap, and the four over­sized rub­ber feet, though they do at least hold it sta­ble on a desk.

Our only real com­plaint with the de­sign is that there is no ob­vi­ous ta­per to­ward the front, and sev­eral times we found our­selves try­ing to open the EZBook’s lid from the rear. The Jumper logo printed atop the lid doesn’t


re­ally help here, given that it is the right way around when the lid is opened and not be­fore. With an Apollo Lake N3450 pro­ces­sor and 6GB of DDR3 RAM in­side, the Jumper is ca­pa­ble for daily com­put­ing tasks but it’s no pow­er­house.

Per­for­mance is very much on par with the LapBook 14.1, with which it shares the same pro­ces­sor but has an ad­di­tional 2GB of RAM. How­ever, un­like that lap­top, we weren’t im­pressed with the Jumper’s startup time. While the LapBook 14.1 starts up in mere sec­onds, for this Jumper you’ll be wait­ing closer to a minute.

We ran the EZBook 3 Pro and the Chuwi through a se­ries of bench­marks. In PCMark 8 we recorded 1440

points (con­ven­tional), and in Geek­bench 4 4305 points (1424 sin­gle-core). By com­par­i­son the LapBook turned in 1411 points in PCMark 8 and 3664 in Geek­bench 4 (1327 sin­gle-core).

For graph­ics per­for­mance we use GFXBench, and the Jumper turned in playable frame rates not far off those of the Chuwi in T-Rex (32fps vs 28fps) and Man­hat­tan (15fps vs 13fps). We also recorded 12fps in Man­hat­tan 3.1 (10fps for the Chuwi) and 7fps in Car Chase (also 7ps for Chuwi).

Bat­tery life isn’t out­stand­ing, with the lithi­umpoly­mer non-re­mov­able bat­tery en­dur­ing 6 hours 15 min­utes of our test­ing, in which we con­tin­u­ally loop a video at 120cd/m2. It won’t get you through a full work­ing day, but it’s also not a huge shock at this price.

In com­mon with the Chuwi a pro­pri­etary charger is re­quired to re­fill the bat­tery via a DC jack on the lap­top’s right edge.


Avail­able at the same price as the Chuwi LapBook 14.1 but with a metal shell and slightly faster per­for­mance (though sig­nif­i­cantly slower startup times) the EZBook 3 Pro is a great bud­get buy. It’s ca­pa­ble for day-to-day com­put­ing tasks and low-in­ten­sity gam­ing, and does a good job of balancing porta­bil­ity with a us­able size screen. You get just 64GB of stor­age, though this can be ex­panded.


• 13.3in full-HD (1920x1080) 16:9 IPS dis­play

• Win­dows 10 Home 64-bit

• 1.1- to 2.2GHz In­tel Apollo Lake N3450 quad-core

• In­tel HD500 Graph­ics


• 64GB eMMC stor­age plus SD sup­port up to 128GB (M.2 SSD ex­pan­sion pos­si­ble)

• Dual-band 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi

• Blue­tooth 4.0

• 2x USB 3.0

• 1x HDMI

• 3.5mm head­phone jack

• 2Mp we­b­cam

• DC charg­ing jack

• 9,600mAh lithium-poly­mer bat­tery

• 315x209x15mm

• 1.4kg

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Credit: IDG

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