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Razer cre­ates vir­tu­ally ev­ery type of PC pe­riph­eral you can think of, from head­sets to mice to key­boards, but it’s now taken on a new chal­lenge: Steam. Yes, Razer has launched a gam­ing store of its own. Aptly called the Razer Game Store, the new mar­ket­place taps into the zVault re­wards sys­tem that Razer de­buted last year to give loyal cus­tomers free games and gear.

The Razer Game Store (fave.co/2uM0dPS) be­haves sim­i­larly to the Hum­ble Store. When you buy a game, you’ll re­ceive a key to ac­ti­vate it on a plat­form like Steam or Uplay. The com­pany says you’ll see ti­tles from

Ubisoft, Bethesda, Bandai Namco, Sega, and Rock­star, as well as other pub­lish­ers. It won’t be B-tier dregs ei­ther; Dragon Ball FighterZ, As­sas­sin’s Creed: Ori­gins, Grand Theft Auto V, Ghost Re­con Wild­lands, Cup­head, King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance, and Dis­hon­ored: Death of the Out­sider are some of the games be­ing sold, with Pil­lars of Eter­nity II: Dead­fire and The Crew 2 in the wings. Only of­fi­cially au­tho­rized keys will be avail­able.

Razer kicked things off with dis­counts of up to 75 per­cent on Ubisoft games, and by giv­ing away 10,000 Steam keys for Furi on a first-come, first-serve ba­sis. The com­pany also plans to of­fer steeper dis­counts and big­ger re­wards on four ‘Razer ex­clu­sives’ per week. As­sas­sin’s Creed: Ori­gins, Wolfen­stein II, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant King­dom, and Far Cry 5 are up first. They’re listed at be­tween 10- to 60 per­cent off and come with a Game Store voucher up to £10, dou­ble zSil­ver re­wards, and a £10 voucher for Razer hard­ware.

Razer Game Store re­wards

The re­wards are the prime rea­son for us­ing the Razer Game Store. When­ever you buy a game, you’ll un­lock some sort of perk, such as the vouch­ers men­tioned above. You’ll also re­ceive zSil­ver, the zVault loy­alty credit that can be traded in for games and Razer gear. Ev­ery pur­chase gives you zSil­ver, but us­ing zGold – Razer’s home­grown vir­tual cur­rency, which can also be used for trans­ac­tions on Gamer­sGate, Ind­ie­gala, Smite, and War Thun­der, among oth­ers – to buy your games awards a much higher zSil­ver pay­out.

The zSil­ver re­wards cat­a­logue re­veals what sort of prizes you can un­lock over time. In­die game keys range

from 15,000 to 50,000 zSil­ver de­pend­ing on the ti­tle, while hard­ware varies greatly. The Razer Er­gonomic Key­board Rest, for ex­am­ple, costs 37,0000 zSil­ver, whereas Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro key­board will set you back 146,500 zSil­ver.

Grab­bing big-ticket Razer gear from gam­ing boun­ties will take a while, in other words, and dou­bly so if you aren’t buy­ing games with zGold. Be­cause the Razer Game Store gives you Steam and Uplay keys, though, there’s prob­a­bly no harm in us­ing it for the games you want. Given enough time, your zSil­ver piggy bank might just pay for a great pe­riph­eral up­grade.

The Razer Game Store is avail­able now in the UK, US, Ger­many, and France, with lo­cal­ized con­tent and pric­ing in­for­ma­tion. The rest of Europe has ac­cess to an English-lan­guage ver­sion of the Game Store with prices in Eu­ros, while other coun­tries can buy from a global store­front that ac­cepts US dol­lars.

Some of the items on the Store’s re­wards page

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