Into the Breach

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I liked FTL, but I love this year’s fol­low-up Into the Breach. A minia­tur­ized tac­tics game, you’re try­ing to de­fend hu­man­ity from an on­slaught of gi­ant bugs one 8-by-8 grid at a time. It’s like chess meets Star­ship Troop­ers. ‘Tac­tics game’ is an over­sim­pli­fi­ca­tion, too. What I love about Into the Breach is that you can see en­emy turns ahead of time, giv­ing you the chance to block or even mis­di­rect them. It feels more like a puzzle game, or like chess as played by a grand­mas­ter, al­ways plan­ning mul­ti­ple steps ahead. There’s also a min­i­mal­ist but pulp-fun story penned by Chris Avel­lone, plus dozens of dif­fer­ent unit com­bi­na­tions to ex­per­i­ment with. If you’re look­ing to fall into a ‘one more turn’ spi­ral, Into the Breach is set to be your next ad­dic­tion.

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