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1. How many No­bel prizes are awarded each year?

2. Which Amer­i­can male golfer won the 2017 US Open?

3. Born on 11 Au­gust 1921, which au­thor wrote the book Roots: The Saga of an Amer­i­can Fam­ily?

4. The rapid re­lease of which gas into the blood­stream causes the con­di­tion known as The Bends in divers?

5. Which ac­tor voices the char­ac­ters of Gru and Dru in the 2017 film De­spi­ca­ble Me 3?

6. Bratislava is the cap­i­tal of which Euro­pean coun­try?

7. How many ap­ples would you have if you had four gross?

8. Yarra Val­ley, Mar­garet River and Mclaren Vale are all wine re­gions in which coun­try?

9. What would be your as­tro­log­i­cal sym­bol if you were born on Bastille Day?

10. Which denim com­pany was orig­i­nally called The Hud­son Over­all Com­pany?

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