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Face­book users on “‘Se­cret shop­per’ pupils sent to ‘spy’ on teach­ers”­cret

“This is part and par­cel of the toxic cul­ture de­vel­op­ing, whereby stu­dents see them­selves as cus­tomers and teach­ers as ser­vice providers. Thus stu­dents are re­lin­quish­ing all re­spon­si­bil­ity for their own learn­ing.”


“Good on them. If teach­ers are do­ing what they should be do­ing, they have noth­ing to worry about.”


“The chil­dren are not ‘cus­tomers’. When the whole ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem is pri­va­tised then kids will be cus­tomers. Shall we give them a re­fund?”


“This is hor­ren­dous. How long be­fore pupils de­ter­mine pay pro­gres­sion? Have a say on thresh­old ap­pli­ca­tions? De­cide who is made re­dun­dant?”


“This is danger­ous. Some pupils could have a grudge against a teacher, etc. Teach­ers might be­come wary of dis­ci­plin­ing a child, fear­ing reper­cus­sions.”

Linda And on “Left-handed chil­dren ‘pe­nalised’ by lack of sup­port at school”­pupils

“My son aged 7 is left-handed and, as a fel­low left-han­der, I am aware of the strug­gles he faces. De­spite this, I am al­ways met with teach­ers who dis­miss it.”


“Good now be­ing left-handed is a spe­cial need. Never did me any harm.”


“I’m left-handed and I teach. Be­ing left-handed is not a con­di­tion or any­thing spe­cial or some­thing that should re­quire spe­cial treat­ment.”


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