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What is the name of the bird in the Peanuts comic strip? Which queen was the last ruler of the Ptole­maic King­dom in Egypt? Leaf­cut­ter, Honey and Sweat are all va­ri­eties of which fly­ing in­sect?

What is the largest bone in the hu­man body?

The Ar­rival of the Queen of Sheba is a piece of mu­sic by which com­poser? Popocatépetl is an ac­tive vol­cano lo­cated in which South Amer­i­can coun­try?

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In which sport are the di­men­sions of the goal 6ft (180 cm) x 4ft (120cm)? Lul­laby of Broad­way, We’re In The Money and I Only Have Eyes For You are all songs from which mu­si­cal?

Who was the founder of the Mon­gol Em­pire, who died on 18 Au­gust 1227?

Which cruise line was for­merly known as the Bri­tish and North Amer­i­can Royal Mail Steam-packet Com­pany?

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