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New records from the RAF


An new collection of records has been added to the Forces

War Records database that may contain your WWII Royal Air Force ancestor. A collection of over 178,000 records from the Air Ministry - Casualty Communique­s 1939-46 are now available to view online.

Throughout World War II, the Air Ministry regularly published Casualty Communique­s through the Ministry of Informatio­n which announced, or updated the status of missing Air Force personnel. Once the next of kin had been informed these reports were then released to various newspapers and periodical­s of the era including The Times, many Daily

Gazettes and specialist magazines such as Flight.

Services covered are the Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, South African Air Force, Royal Indian Air Force and Women’s

Auxiliary Air Force.

The size and scope of WWII records held by Forces War Records makes them a fascinatin­g resource for genealogis­ts. These records cover Armed Forces personnel injured or killed in action, those receiving awards, mention in dispatches or those captured as a PoW.

The Ministry of Defence has a 100-year disclosure rule on service records, this applying to all service post 1921. Although, at Forces War Records there are over 7 million WWII Records. Discover more at

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