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How To Kill A Tiger Tank



The Tiger was one of the most feared tanks of WWII so naturally its opponents were keen to know how to combat it. Craig Moore’s large format book discusses exactly that, using various sources including unpublishe­d ones discovered in the archives at Kew. Get past the cheapish softcover and you’ll be pleased to find high quality, glossy paper with colour photos throughout. It makes the best of the wartime photograph­y and all the charts and illustrati­ons legible. You’ve got all kinds of informatio­n about how the tank developed, performed and how it stood up to various types of British shells. The ones showing 6pdr gun shells bouncing off are sobering. Packed full of interestin­g informatio­n much of which is very useful for collectors of Tiger parts.

• Fonthill Media

• ISBN 978-1-7815-5858-4

• 252 pages • Softcover • £35

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