The Armourer

British Naval Trawlers and Drifters in Two World Wars



The subheading of this large format book is From the John Lambert Collection which is to say that he was a renowned naval draughtsma­n who completed over 850 sheets of drawings. Seaforth acquired these after his death and this is the fourth book to make use of them. However, what then comes as a surprise is that this guide to trawlers and drifters, used as Q-ships and minesweepe­rs plus other roles in the Navy, relegates those drawings to the back of the book. Instead, you get the history of the roles of the merchant fleet in the wars, accompanie­d by some excellent photograph­s. The large format pays off and the result is not the stuffy, academic exercise you might have expected. Well worth a read.

• Seaforth Publishing

• ISBN 978-1-5267-9486-4

• 212 pages • Hardback • £35

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