The Armourer

Panzer III



The latest guide to the Panzerkamp­fwagen of the Third Reich tackles the Panzer III, the mainstay of the early years of the war. Armed with 30mm armour and a 37mm gun it was the principle tank of Blitzkreig and the invasion of Poland. However, it rapidly became obsolete, with Ausf E models drawing stinging criticism from those fighting in it. Upgrades to 60mm armour and a 50mm gun kept it competitiv­e in the sand of North Africa but it was completely outclassed in Russia and soon became backup and chassis for special versions. As usual, lots of details, combat reports, contempora­ry photos and excellent production standards.

• Osprey Publishing

• ISBN 978-1-47284587-0

• 308 pages • Hardback

• £35

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