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Berlin was in the vice-like grip of the Red Army, Hitler hadn’t been seen above ground in days and still the defenders fought, pointlessl­y, on. Next month, come with us to the final days of the Third Reich, as Nazi Germany faced the apocalypti­c end. We take you from the River Oder, to the Seelow Heights and the burning streets of Berlin itself, as Stalin ordered his armies to seize the prize at all costs while the British and American hung back, wary of costly casualties from urban fighting.

Also next month, author John Wade takes us from the dawn of photograph­y in the Crimea to the killing fields of France and Belgium with the first of a three part guide to collecting the cameras that were used on the battlefiel­ds. Willow Fitzgerald has a look at the role of the ATS at war while Ray Westlake is examining regimental insignia, from 1751 to 1914. For those interested in the classic side, Gabriel Esposito is assessing the Saxon army of Alfred the Great while Mark Wood has a feature that’s not for the squeamish – it’s the surgeons of Nelson’s Navy and collectabl­e equipment.

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