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52nd Contempora­ry at Ratisbon’s


The latest Ratisbon’s auction has ended with all unsold lots going into the shop with reduced BPs. Plenty of hats to start with, here’s a Heer visor cap for officers with white piping to indicate infantry. Came with matching pair of aluminium insignia with all prongs in place. It sold for £526.44 (includes BP of 22.5%). Of course, what service the visor is from dictates how desirable it is, so this next cap for officers drew more attention because it was for the Gebirgsjäg­er, or mountain troops. Came with green colour piping, hand-embroidere­d officer's pattern wreath badge that was attached by hand. There was the Edelweiss badge and cap eagle in zinc, with all prongs in place. It sold for £1,474.

Now, we have a feature on the NSKK in this very issue and here’s a Leader’s visor cap for Transportg­ruppe Speer. Came with a grey top with a brown cap band and silver bullion leader's piping. There was a zinc can badge and cockade with all prongs in place. Very good condition. It sold for £1,784.64.

Soft caps are one thing, but hard helmets are in even more demand. Here’s a German M35 helmet, the earliest type of helmet issued to Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmari­ne and Waffen-SS troops. This example was issued by the Heer and comes with three original photograph­s of the first owner. It had around 90% of the original factory paint, though obvious signs of wear and age. The eagle decal was about 80%. The national decal was about 65%. It is very rare to find a Wehrmacht helmet with photo proof which explains the price of £2,053. Having mentioned the Gebirgsjäg­er earlier, let’s take a look at a South Front field tunic. This was a period time, privately purchased

Heer field tunic designed like an M36 pattern. Featuring a machine-woven NCO/officer's pattern breast eagle, on dark green backing. Period time attached by hand as were the collar tabs. Infantry Oberfeldwe­bel boards, slipped on, and with period-time attached buttons. Also, there was a Gebirgsjäg­er sleeve badge, period time attached by machine. It sold for £715.96.

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