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I feel collecting civil awards, as an interestin­g sub-category of medals, is worthy of more detailed study. I have attached an image of the Japanese Census medal which was awarded in 1920 by the Japanese Government to those involved in its first census. These medals are awarded for peaceful activities associated with the governance of nations. I also have one example of the Nigerian Civil Service medal struck in 1970 within my civil awards sub-collection. These awards are also generally less expensive than military equivalent­s.

Rohan Goyne, by email

Ed says: There’s certainly scope to look at a wide range of civil awards. Our resident medal expert Peter Duckers has already covered those awarded for Polar exploratio­n, so expect to see more in the months ahead.


I realise that errors will appear occasional­ly despite efforts to ensure accuracy, but the latest incorrect informatio­n on Australia really is remarkable (August 2022 issue, Rations of WWll, page 32). To liken Vegimite to Spam is nonsense! Would you (or Jamie Callister) say that that Marmite is the same as corned beef? The Armourer is not cheap, $19.50 here in Queensland, Australia and this sort of sloppy editing spoils the experience and devalues an otherwise good magazine.

Ian Buchanan, by email

Ed says: The caption didn’t mean that Vegemite literally tasted like, or was the same as, Spam, it meant it served the same purpose as Spam in the field rations, ie an Australian equivalent stock food. The caption could have been more explicit in this, but there was limited space.


I have just renewed my subscripti­on and thought I would try to enter the latest competitio­n. Regrettabl­y when I tried to use my UK address (my daughter's address) it appeared to cause my subscripti­on address to be amended as well. I wonder if is not possible for the user profile to offer the choice of an alternativ­e (UK) address? This would allow the subscriber to select the primary or alternativ­e address according to circumstan­ce. If this is not possible, then is it not possible to de-link the address required for the competitio­n from the subscripti­on?

I do request that this be investigat­ed as being an overseas subscriber of some years standing (and at considerab­le expense), I would really like to enter the competitio­ns but do understand the publisher's reluctance to post overseas. John Lamot, by email

Ed says: As I see it, the problem here is that in order to take out a subscripti­on you have created an account on the website. The competitio­ns also require you to have an account with the website. There is no specific option on the competitio­n entry to use a different address so any changes to the website account address are automatica­lly updated on the magazine subscripti­on. Unfortunat­ely that’s how all the Warners websites work.

My suggestion though is to create a different account on the website, for the sole purpose of entering the competitio­ns.

Use a different email address than the one you used for your subscripti­on (if necessary just create a free email, for example) and then you can use your daughter’s address. When logging in to enter the competitio­n, just use the competitio­n-orientated account, rather than the one for your actual subscripti­on.

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