Coun­cil in­sist they won’t be a Fish­er­man’s friend

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The most pop­u­lar coastal walk on Ar­ran has been left par­tially washed away fol­low­ing a num­ber of ex­cep­tion­ally high tides that have sub­merged the area and de­posited ma­rine de­bris across the path­way.

Now ur­gent ac­tion is needed if the usu­ally scenic Fish­er­man’s Walk, which runs along Brod­ick Bay, is to be re­stored to al­low full ac­cess for all abil­ity of walk­ers.

But North Ayr­shire Coun­cil has in­sisted it has no in­ten­tion of help­ing to re­store the walk as the land is owned by Ar­ran Es­tates. In­stead the Brod­ick Im­prove­ments Com­mit­tee is likely to be left to try to re­store some of the area.

It is not un­usual for Fish­er­man’s Walk to ex­pe­ri­ence flood­ing at this time of the year, ow­ing to sea­sonal con­di­tions, how­ever the eroded land­scape had al­ready de­te­ri­o­rated ear­lier this year prior to the ar­rival of the win­ter storms with their da­m­ag­ing east­erly winds.

The tidal la­goon at the start of the route and bor­der­ing the Brod­ick golf course has again acted as a sump for the area, col­lect­ing a huge amount of kelp, which is also strewn across the low ly­ing land and which has had its green cov­er­ing scoured away, ex­pos­ing the un­der­ly­ing dark rock.

Win­ter dam­age

Fur­ther signs of win­ter dam­age can be seen on the re­cently re­paired wooden walk­way where a num­ber of planks hav­ing been re­placed and some sub­si­dence is vis­i­ble on the usu­ally level walk­way, which pro­vides walk­ers with a con­ve­nient route over the boggy ter­rain.

At the other end of the bay at Cladach, near Dukes Beach, a sim­i­lar pic­ture of tidal weath­er­ing can be wit­nessed ow­ing to the large amount of sand that the wind and tide have shifted

and where large sand­banks have built up along the mouth of the river.

A spokesman for the Brod­ick Im­prove­ments Com­mit­tee said: ‘We are very con­cerned that this most pop­u­lar sec­tion of coastal walk con­tin­ues to de­te­ri­o­rate.

‘We will con­tinue to mon­i­tor the sit­u­a­tion as the weather im­proves and look to what more we can do to re­cover ac­ces­si­bil­ity for all users.’ Last month a sec­tion of the board­walk near Brod­ick was dam­aged by the storms and it was re­paired with the help of the Ar­ran Ac­cess Trust and staff from the new Ar­ran Geop­ark.

‘Their as­sis­tance was much ap­pre­ci­ated,’ the com­mit­tee spokesman added.

A North Ayr­shire Coun­cil spokesman said: ‘We un­der­stand the sec­tion of Fish­er­man’s Walk in ques­tion is lo­cated at Cladach Beach. This area is in pri­vate own­er­ship and the coun­cil has no plans to carry out any re­me­dial works.’


The Fish­er­man’s Walk en­trance at Cladach shows ev­i­dence of re­peated flood­ing, kelp de­po­si­tion and ero­sion.


The Fish­er­man’s Walk, which stretches round Brod­ick Bay to Cladach, re­mains well used.


Sea­weed and kelp lit­ter the area near the wooden walk­way which is still un­der­go­ing run­ning re­pairs.

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