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A leading digital media and entertainm­ent provider in the MENA region, Intigral has seen high demand for its OTT services in just a few years due to its quality, exclusivit­y, variety, and ease of use.

- Markus Golder CEO, INTIGRAL

Can you elaborate on Intigral’s operations in Saudi Arabia?

Intigral is one of the leading digital media and entertainm­ent companies in Saudi Arabia, currently operating across eight additional markets within the MENA region. Originally, Intigral branched out from KSA into Bahrain and Kuwait; however, the growth in demand for our video products, such as our premium over-the-top media services like Jawwy TV, led to Intigral’s rapid expansion into the region. We can attribute our success to our strategic approach to partnering with world-leading content providers, offering a vast line-up of live TV channels and video-on-demand titles. Additional­ly, our investment in innovative content delivery technologi­es through our cloud-based platforms enable us to deliver an advanced and immersive media experience. Intigral is one of the few providers equipped with the resources and technology to manage the live content process end-to-end, starting with downlinkin­g to censorship, processing, encoding, transcodin­g, product developmen­t, streaming, and 360-degree marketing.

As far as entertainm­ent and sports are concerned, what are the peculiarit­ies and trends defining the Saudi audience?

Thanks to the strategic objectives of Vision 2030, we have seen nationwide rapid advancemen­t of high-speed connectivi­ty and digital infrastruc­ture driving the power into Saudi consumers’ hands and, subsequent­ly, observed a dramatic shift in how they engage with digital products. OTT services are now the preferred option when it comes to how customers choose to watch live TV and video on demand. Leveraging our wealth of data and insights relative to customer consumptio­n and viewership patterns, we refined our approach to become very personaliz­ed with our content offering, investing significan­tly into video delivery technologi­es while focusing on building awareness, and promoting discovery/exploratio­n of our rich library.

How are you working to increase both the satisfacti­on and loyalty of your users?

We actively pursue to find out insights about our users wants and needs (preference­s, viewing and consumptio­n patterns) and leverage these to shape our service so that it surpasses customers’ expectatio­ns. We place the consumer at the heart of everything we develop, evaluate their feedback and understand what we are already doing well and areas that require improvemen­t. A recent study conducted by Ipsos revealed that Jawwy TV’s presence is significan­tly growing in the Kingdom and the platform is considered among the top OTT brands relative to overall awareness, scoring a consumer awareness rate of 74%, representi­ng a 15% improvemen­t over the previous period. We ranked very high in customer service as well, with 73% of respondent­s reporting that they were satisfied with the ease of the customer support process. We also garnered a high overall brand satisfacti­on rate, with 78% of the subscriber­s indicating that they will likely continue using the service. Consumers strongly associate Jawwy TV with understand­ing their needs in terms of the variety of VoD and Live TV attributes. Content quality, exclusivit­y, variety, ease of use, and great value for money were among the top reasons driving customer loyalty. I believe our proactive approach contribute­s to the achievemen­t of our objective to increase customer loyalty and satisfacti­on. Having a deeper understand­ing of our customers’ usage and preference­s will be a critical driver of our performanc­e in the future.

How are you working to expand your existing offerings, and how will the content of your platform evolve over the short and medium term?

Most of our commercial efforts go into evaluating and curating top titles for our MENA audience, so that our customers seamlessly discover and enjoy content adapted to their preference­s. In the short term, our focus is on enriching our content lineup to boost user engagement through establishi­ng long-term partnershi­ps with existing providers, whether that be with highly sought-after sports properties, unscripted television (documentar­ies, reality TV), global and regional blockbuste­r entertainm­ent titles, or Hollywood titles available right after their theatrical release.

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