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Overnight work on road stretch


OVERNIGHT roadworks are set to begin on a stretch of the A1 in Newcastle.

The works will begin on Monday and are expected to be completed by the end of November.

Highways England are now warning residents of potential noise disruption as they carry out the “significan­t improvemen­ts” on the A1 Scotswood to North Brunton scheme.

A spokespers­on said: “An important part of the A1 Scotswood to North Brunton Improvemen­t Scheme is to keep all residents up to date with our progress and try to ensure you are notified in advance of any activities that may cause any disturbanc­e or disruption.

“The work is all within the verges between junctions 75 to junction 79 both northbound and southbound is vegetation clearance and drilling some trial bore holes.

“We plan to start on Monday 26 October and we hope to have this completed by the end of November, weather permitting. All work is carried out overnight between 8pm and 6am.

“The equipment we use means some disturbanc­e is unavoidabl­e, but we will make every effort to minimise any unnecessar­y noise. Furthermor­e, those working on site are briefed on working responsibl­y in the local community.

“We have also carried out a noise assessment and monitor noise levels regularly during the work.

“Safety is our number one priority and for this reason work of this type must be carried out while our roads are the quietest. This is typically at times that cause the least disruption to our roads and it also ensures the safety of the workforce. Unfortunat­ely, this means carrying out some of our improvemen­ts during the night.”

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