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AFTER Stacey was attacked by someone cloaked in a hood, she’s left lying on the floor injured. Will anyone find her?

Meanwhile, Phil is working on a plan to prove that Ellie is unfit to parent, knowing that she is a hardened criminal and is happy to sell Raymond. Elsewhere, Ian checks on Sharon after seeing her upset over Denny’s belongings.


GABBY has decided to leave university without discussing it with anyone.

She wants everyone off her back, but will she start to regret it? As the Salon prepares for launch day, Gabby feels stung that both Laurel and Bernice are disapprovi­ng of her decision.

Meanwhile, Vinny is feeling sore after his dad Paul beat him up. Mandy doesn’t know and suggests Vinny reports ‘the thugs’ who are responsibl­e for his injuries.

Elsewhere, Harriet returns to the village and receives an update.

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BILLY assures Paul that Todd was the love of his life, but not anymore.

Paul remains unconvince­d, worried that Billy has settled for second best.

Meanwhile, Steve returns from Germany and breaks the news that Dr Schmitz remains adamant that Oliver isn’t a suitable candidate for treatment, leaving Leanne devastated.

Elsewhere, Scott talks Johnny through his plan to rob Ray and his mates. Johnny is sick with worry, so Jenny, assuming it to be his MS, books them a holiday.

 ??  ?? There’s yet more bad news for Leanne
There’s yet more bad news for Leanne
 ??  ?? Ian tries to comfort Sharon
Ian tries to comfort Sharon
 ??  ?? Gabby

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