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4004 BC: According to Archbishop James Usher, this is the day God created the world. Although there are 140 conflictin­g versions of the date, Usher’s is the only one that matches the chronology of the authorised version of the Bible.

42 BC: Brutus, whose army was crushed by Anthony and Octavian at Philippi, committed suicide by falling on his own sword.

1642: The Royalists narrowly beat the Roundheads at Edgehill in the first major battle of the Civil War. Both sides claimed victory.

1707: The first Parliament of Great Britain met.

1844: The “Divine” Sarah, actress Sarah Bernhardt, was born in Paris.

1915: The legendary cricketer WG Grace died.

1942: The Second Battle of El Alamein began with a thousand tanks aimed on Italian and German troops.

1950: Al Jolson, US singer who billed himself “the world’s greatest entertaine­r”, died. He starred in the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer.

1956: The Hungarian uprising against Soviet leadership began in


1987: Lester Piggott, former British champion jockey and later a top trainer, was jailed for three years for tax evasion.

1991: The House of Lords ruled that husbands could legally be convicted of raping their wives.


Google announced it had achieved a breakthrou­gh in quantum computing research.


Pele, football legend, 80; Ang Lee, film director, 66; Graham Rix, former footballer and coach, 63; Sam Raimi, film director, 61; Cat Deeley, TV presenter, 44; Ryan Reynolds, actor, 44; Alex Tudor, cricketer, 43; Jessica Stroup, actress, 34.

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Lester Piggott

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