The Chronicle

At least Boris and pals mean business

- Geoffrey Brooking

NO wonder appeaser Theresa May looked stunned in the House of Commons on Monday.

Yet again, the man in charge of Brexit no-deal preparatio­ns, Michael Gove, hit the nail on the head.

Whilst the former Prime Minister tried to sell us down the river with white flags flying everywhere, Mr Gove and his magnificen­t team have stood up to Brussels with a true bulldog spirit. As a nation, Britain has paid into the EU for 45 years.

All that Boris Johnson has been fighting for since Brexit has been a Canada-style free trade deal. Boris Johnson and David Davis even had the principle to walk out of government on that very issue.

Yet still, at time of writing, the EU would not budge. Watch this space everyone. If Brussels don’t budge it is Europe who will be the losers.

Unlike the EU, Britain doesn’t want anything special. Just the right to trade minus EU bureaucrac­y. I personally think the EU will budge at the very last minute and something along the lines of a Canada style free trade deal will happen.

If the EU don’t budge then we go on to WTO terms and lose nothing but if they do budge then us Brexiteers will continue to have been proven right all along in so victorious­ly bringing down the former PM. As for poor Mrs May. She will officially go down in history as the religious pew filler who gave it her all but gained absolutely nothing.

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