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Plea to PM – protect the whole country


THIS is a plea for sanity to a government which shoots itself, and the UK, in the foot on a daily basis.

Having set impossible EU negotiatin­g positions on many areas and failed to engage meaningful­ly in talks for months, the Prime Minister has now refused to even talk any more despite the EU acceding to the terms for resuming talks!

All Boris is telling us is to get ready for no deal!!

Whatever else people voted for over the last four years, very few voted for a no deal and the last election was won on the basis of an ‘oven ready’ agreement!

It now looks like the oven wasn’t even switched on and that there was little intention of any cooking at all.

Thanks largely to the inept actions of Boris & co we are one of the worst affected countries in the world due to Covid-19 and are tottering on the edge of an economic disaster on many fronts. A no deal Brexit looks like a final knock-out punch.

I shudder to think of the number of businesses and jobs we will lose locally if this goes ahead. All this awaits us thanks to the ongoing failure of the government to get a deal.

It is a disgrace and a total betrayal of the electorate!

So please, Boris, for once think of what is needed for all the UK at this time and sort out a deal which protects us rather than piles on more misery! We’ve had enough.

Steve Crown,


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