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★★★★★ BANK robber Tom Carter (Liam Neeson, pictured) coolly executes heists over holiday weekends, amassing a little over $9m in cash from 12 banks in seven states.

During a visit to Aurora Self Storage to rent a locker, Tom meets Annie Sumpter (Kate Walsh) and falls head over heels in love. He contemplat­es a normal life with Annie and decides to confess his sins to FBI Agent Sam Baker (Robert Patrick), promising the return of the stolen money in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Two members of Baker’s team, agents John Nivens ( Jai Courtney) and Ramon Hall (Anthony Ramos), probe Tom’s assertion that he is the In And Out Bandit. The corrupt agents greedily confiscate a cardboard box full of cash for their retirement funds and prepare to cover their tracks.

Honest Thief is hardwired to underline Neeson’s screen brand as a no-nonsense man of few words and outlandish actions.



THE brilliant mind behind a billion-dollar tech company announces a Willy Wonka-style competitio­n to win the keys to his home in Sean Olson’s teen-oriented adventure.

Max Winslow (Sydne Mikelle, pictured) feels more comfortabl­e communicat­ing in lines of computer code than face-to-face with another human being. She attends Bentonvill­e High School where, during lessons, school alumnus Atticus Virtue (Chad Michael Murray) broadcasts a video message to every classroom announcing an “experiment­al competitio­n” to win his hi-tech mansion. Five lucky students – including Max – are chosen to compete for the grand prize.

The teens are chauffeure­d to Virtue Manor and face a series of games judged by the resident artificial intelligen­ce, Home Automated Venture aka Haven (voiced by Marina Sirtis). As the night unfolds, the quintet discovers the price of failure.



THIS computer-animated sequel continues to expand the biblical story of Noah. After 147 days at sea aboard the ark, food supplies are dwindling, jeopardisi­ng the peace between pairs of carnivores and herbivores.

The boat’s head chef, Nestrian father Dave (voiced by Dermot Magennis), hopes to avoid a bloodbath by making a little go a long way.

During a visit to the ship’s food store, Dave’s young son Finny (Callum Maloney), pictured, and hyena-like Grymp best friend Leah (Ava Connolly) tumble into the sea. Leah is marooned on an island with a tentacled new pal, Jelly (Carly Kane).

Meanwhile, Finny is embraced by a colony of fellow Nestrians led by Patch (Mary Murray), who has foolishly establishe­d her community on the sea floor in the shadow of a rumbling volcano...

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