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THE So­cial­ist MP for Blyth Val­ley, Mr Ron­nie Camp­bell has branded those who voted for the Con­ser­va­tive party as “the en­emy”.

Mr Camp­bell also la­belled his fel­low MPs who are ask­ing ques­tions of their leader as “ca­reer politi­cians”.

There is no doubt that Mr Camp­bell has made a lu­cra­tive ca­reer for him­self over all the years he has been an MP for Blyth Val­ley.

We also have in our re­gion Labour MP for North West Durham, Laura Pid­cock, who has made it very plain that she would never be­friend any­one that had voted for the Con­ser­va­tive party.

In the last Gen­eral Elec­tion 37.3% of the vot­ers in Blyth Val­ley and 34.5% in North West Durham voted for the Con­ser­va­tive party and as such their num­bers can be counted in the thou­sands.

Be­cause these peo­ple did not vote for a left-wing party they are seen as the en­emy and not to be counted as peo­ple to have as a friend. MPs are elected to rep­re­sent all the peo­ple re­sid­ing in their area, what­ever party they voted for. How can Mr Camp­bell and Miss Pid­cock ful­fil this obli­ga­tion when they ap­pear to hold this opin­ion of a very large sec­tion of the pop­u­la­tion who dis­agree with their po­lit­i­cal views? ROW­LAND COULTAS,


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