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1 IT CON­TAINS vi­ta­min C, which is a pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dant that helps re­move harm­ful free rad­i­cals from the body.

2 IT IS also a source of es­sen­tial vi­ta­mins such as fo­late, vi­ta­min B6 (pyri­dox­ine), ri­boflavin, niacin and pan­tothenic acid.

3 HORSE­RAD­ISH can in­crease ap­petite and aid di­ges­tion. The phyto-chem­i­cal com­pounds in horse­rad­ish stim­u­late sali­vary, gas­tric and in­testi­nal glands to se­crete di­ges­tive en­zymes, thereby fa­cil­i­tat­ing di­ges­tion.

4 IT IS high in fi­bre and rich in pro­tein so it can be part of a healthy diet.

5 AS A condi­ment it’s very tasty with roast beef and adds flavour to smoked fish.

Feel the love for horse­rad­ish

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