Will this solve our park­ing prob­lem?

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AS a car-driv­ing long-term res­i­dent of Jes­mond, I was puz­zled to read that a pro­posal to re­strict park­ing in yet more ar­eas of Jes­mond would some­how help to ad­dress the chronic short­age of park­ing spa­ces.

I fail to see how lim­it­ing fur­ther the amount of on-street park­ing will help short or longterm park­ing needs.

Clearly our coun­cil has a vendetta against the use of cars gen­er­ally (see the John Dob­son street dis­as­ter area) and more specif­i­cally, against car-own­ing pro­fes­sion­als in an area like Jes­mond. A CAR-DRIV­ING Jes­mond res­i­dent

com­mon mar­ket, which seemed rea­son­able! In the past we trav­elled all over the world with our pass­ports and visa.

Are th­ese Re­main­ers so ig­no­rant that they do not re­alise that be­ing ruled by the EU means be­ing in­cluded in a Fed­eral Europe with a fed­eral army, navy and air force?

The EU have told us that and their re­cent at­tempts to get the

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