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Sir, Al­though David Sil­vester is a coun­cil­lor from Hen­leyon-Thames, the con­tro­versy about his re­marks sur­faced in our lo­cal me­dia in Sevenoaks when our nor­mally ex­cel­lent lo­cal MP, Michael Fal­lon, branded Mr Sil­vester as “a fruit­cake” for his views. The treat­ment of Mr Sil­vester by Nigel Farage also ap­peared in the story in our lo­cal paper, be­cause Mr Farage lives more or less lo­cally, at Cud­ham.

What Mr Fal­lon has failed to re­alise is that Mr Sil­vester has sim­ply ar­tic­u­lated the ques­tion many of us have been ask­ing, as to whether the floods are a judge­ment from God as a re­sult of same-sex mar­riage (al­though ad­mit­tedly Mr Sil­vester does seem to have gone over the top by turn­ing that ques­tion into a dog­matic state­ment).

While cur­rent events may well con­tain an el­e­ment of judge­ment from God over the na­tion turn­ing its back on God, I am not com­pletely sure that God would be pun­ish­ing the whole na­tion specif­i­cally for the high-handed way in which David Cameron forced the is­sue of same-sex mar­riage through Par­lia­ment de­spite such mas­sive op­po­si­tion. But I think that Mr Fal­lon should not have been quite so dis­mis­sive.

In ad­di­tion, Mr Farage should be aware that many tra­di­tional Con­ser­va­tive vot­ers now sup­port UKIP as a re­sult of the gay mar­riage is­sue, so it seems a lit­tle silly that Mr Farage should ef­fec­tively alien­ate these new sup­port­ers.

Is Mr. Farage aware of this?

John Humphrey,


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