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Sir, If ‘sin­ful be­hav­iours’ in general, as well as sex­ual im­moral­ity, dis­in­herit us from the King­dom of God, then heaven is likely to be sparsely pop­u­lated.

Je­sus told his dis­ci­ples, in an­tic­i­pa­tion of his death, that he had more to say to them than they were then ready to re­ceive and promised that the Holy Spirit would guide them into all Truth. It is hardly sur­pris­ing, there­fore, that there has been move­ment since his day in mat­ters of faith, as well as progress in science.

Nev­er­the­less, as Vicar of Christ, Pope Fran­cis felt com­pelled to go be­yond Ex­o­dus 21, which au­tho­rises the death penalty, to re­pu­di­ate a life sen­tence too, as be­ing ef­fec­tively a hid­den death sen­tence (“But I say unto you...”). Should he be cas­ti­gated, there­fore, along with our present General Synod and House of Bish­ops, which have au­tho­rised dis­cus­sion of same-sex unions?

No­body has sug­gested re­vis­ing the hard-won con­clu­sions of Chal­cedon and Nicea.

The pres­sure today for the Church to ac­cept same-sex cou­ples, much as it ac­com­mo­dated polygamy in Africa, comes not so much from on high but more from grass­roots’ ex­pe­ri­ence of sta­ble, lov­ing, monog­a­mous unions, that are not dis­sim­i­lar to mar­riage.

Does any­one de­serve to be sen­tenced to death for sim­ply ask­ing whether all those faith­ful cou­ples should be ‘put asun­der’?

Ser­ena Lan­caster,

Broad­well, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos.

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