The Classic Motorcycle

04 Cycle parts


The frame was a duplex

full cradle, but with a single top tube. The first subframes were rigid, then plunger with the rigid still an option. By 1954, BSA had revamped much of its range of bikes, 350cc and up, with a new swinging arm frame and the necessary change of cycle parts. Wheel hubs had ball journal bearings and single-sided brake drums, eight-inch front, seveninch rear. The rear hub had a quickly detachable wheel arrangemen­t. This

required a boss and further bearing to support the combined brake drum and sprocket assembly. From 1956, the Flash had full-width hubs front

and rear. The rear hub now had the brake drum on the opposite side to

the sprocket.

The first Flashes had single saddles, with pillion

pad option. A dual seat became standard in 1952 and continued with the swinging arm frame. Much of the tinware was shared with other bikes in the range but as the basic, or touring, model, the Golden Flash always had valanced mudguards. Anything required for restoratio­n should be out there, although parts for earlier models may not be so easy. For later models there’s possibly even a choice of parts: NOS, pattern or second-hand.

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