The Classic Motorcycle



The external flywheel

concealed a helical primary gear that meshed

with the clutch drum. The clutch pack had one small bronze plate, then larger plates, one Ferodo then alternatel­y, four steel and four bronze. Pressure was maintained by two coil springs fitted concentric­ally. Drive was transferre­d to a four-speed gearbox, where both shafts were supported by ball-journal

bearings. There was a right side rocking-pedal

gear change. The kickstart was on the left side, but its operating quadrant

was visible on the lower right of the ’box, below the sprocket for the final drive

chain. The rear wheel sprocket mount contained

a cush drive.

Like so much of the Airone, the transmissi­on is adequately engineered. Occasional problems have surfaced with the primary drive gear, as this is sprung-loaded against

the flywheel for shock absorption and has been known to fail. Again, a Guzzi singles specialist is the best chance for any

parts required.

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