The Classic Motorcycle

Cycle parts


The front down-tubes are two of the few round tubes

in the frame, which is otherwise fabricated from sheet metal to form a full cradle, with a minimal tubular sub-frame. The front hub had taper roller bearings, the rear hub balljourna­l type. Both hubs had one side-mounted, finned eight-inch (200mm) brake drum. These were home to single leading shoe brake assemblies. They were laced into 19inch rims carrying 3-00

section tyres.

The ace-type handlebars concealed an internal scroll for the twist-grip

throttle control.

The tinware consisted of a fuel tank, initially chromed, later just painted. A triangular­section oil tank was mounted beneath this. The mudguards were valanced and the rear mudguard

had a small toolbox mounted either side with either a luggage rack or pillion pad on top. Further

forward was a single, sprung saddle for the rider. Replacemen­t tinware is

hard to find.

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